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Contact Us CQ Amateur Radio 17 West John Street
Hicksville, NY 11801
Fax 516-681-2926

Here's a list of who's who. We've include e-mail links for most individuals. Send written correspondence via the Hicksville, NY office address/fax number noted above.


Richard S. Moseson, W2VU, Editor

Jason Feldman, KD2IWM, Associate Editor

Susan Moseson, Editorial Consultant


Kent Britain, WA5VJB, Antennas

Gerry Dexter, The Listening Post

Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, Kit-Building

Tony Emanuele, WA8RJF, VHF Plus

Tomas Hood, NW7US, Propagation

Irwin Math, WA2NDM, Math's Notes

Ted Melinosky, K1BV, Awards

Joe Moell, K0OV, Homing In

Ron Ochu, KO0Z, Learning Curve

Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR, Mobiling/Magic in the Sky

Don Rotolo, N2IRZ, Digital

Rob de Santos, K8RKD, Communications Horizons

Bob Schenck, N2OO, DX

Cory GB Sickles, WA3UVV, Emergency Communications, Off the Air

David Siddall, K3ZJ, Contesting

Tom Smerk, AA6TS, International

Dan Srebnick, K2DLS, RF Bits

Jason Togyer, KB3CNM, Spurious Signals

Gordon West, WB6NOA,Short Circuits

Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ, The Ham Notebook


Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, WPX Award

John Bergman, KC5LK, WAZ Award

Keith Gilbertson, K0KG, CQ DX Award

Ted Melinosky, K1BV, USA- CA Award


Andy Blank, N2NT, 160 Meter Contest

Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, VHF Contest

Ed Muns, W0YK, RTTY DX/WPX Contests

John Sweeney, K9EL, DX Marathon

Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q, World Wide DX Contest

Terry Zivney, N4TZ, WPX Contest


To advertise in CQ Amateur Radio contact:
Frank Perry, Advertising Manager
Telephone: 516-681-2922, extension 112
Email: frank@cq-amateur-radio.com


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Subscription Questions, Back Issues, Change of Address

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