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CQ Highlights – November 2019

November is smack-dab in the middle of the fall contesting season, bookended by the SSB weekend of the CQ World Wide DX Contest on the fourth full weekend in October and the contest's CW weekend on the fourth full weekend in November, which we will note is not Thanksgiving Weekend this year!

Our November issue cover features a 15-year-old contester from Canada, as well as the CW results of the 2019 CQ World Wide WPX Contest. (And yes, he did quite well!) Sticking with the contesting theme, this issue also includes rules for the 2020 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest and the 2020 CQ DX Marathon. (The bottom of the sunspot cycle is a great time to give 160 a try, even with limited-space antennas; and the DX Marathon lets you take advantage of any opening you can find – at any time, on any band, throughout the year.) And speaking of sunspot cycles, be sure to check out our News Bytes item on "solar tsunamis" and their relationship to sunspot cycles. Plus, VHF-Plus Editor K8ZR looks at some great tropo-induced 2-meter DX in the late summer, and Propagation Editor NW7US reviews the basics of space weather, the Sun-Earth connection and radio propagation.

Among our November features, KC9UL leads off with an article on the fun of chasing special event stations and collecting their unique QSL cards and certificates; W6PUX tackles radio noise at his home station and the frustration he's encountered in tracking its source. If you're facing similar issues, don't feel bad … W6PUX is an expert on the subject with fancy equipment, and he's still hunting!

Speaking of investigators, "Sherlock" shares "The Case of the Three Orange Pips" (you've gotta read it to find out what that's all about); WB9YBM offers tips on operating portable radio-teletype with plans for building your own RTTY "hotspot," and in our ongoing "CQ Classic" series to mark our upcoming 75th anniversary, we reprise CQ's first "Radioteletype" column from December, 1951, the writing debut of future CQ editor, later 73 publisher and ham radio icon Wayne Green, W2NSD.

November's columns offer a wide range of information… In "Math's Notes," WA2NDM shows you how to build your own LED light bulb; "Listening Post" editor Gerry Dexter tracks recent changes on the shortwave airwaves, and Emergency Communications Editor W4ALT looks at grassroots opportunities to involve the general public in public service communications. Kit-Building Editor K0NEB celebrates the 10th anniversary of his monthly column, Digital Editor N2IRZ writes about robots and ham radio, and "Ham Notebook" editor KH6WZ offers "A Cure for the 'Ham Radio Blues'."

That's a brief look at just some of what you’ll find in the November issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition – click here!

Articles from the October, 2019 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

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November 2019 Contest Calendar

November 2019 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover:  On the Cover: 15-year-old David Samu, VE7DZO, of Prince George, British Columbia, placed second in his category in the 2019 CQ WPX CW Contest, operating as CJ7DZO.

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