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CQ Highlights – March 2019

One-third of the ARRL's 15 division directors are newly elected, and they made their presence felt at the League's January board meeting, changing course on a variety of controversial subjects, from antenna legislation to the board's code of conduct. We look at the most significant actions in our March issue.

You may have read about possible connections several hundred years ago between the Maunder Minimum - a prolonged period with very few sunspots - and the so-called "Little Ice Age" here on Earth. Propagation guru Ted Cohen, N4XX, reports on a new study that suggests human activities were largely responsible, but brings us up-to-date on changes in counting sunspot numbers and how to use older prediction tools with the new scale. In a separate article, Ted also recounts some correspondence with fellow New Shortwave Propagation Handbook co-author Bob Rose, K6GKU (SK), on the nature of long-path propagation.

We've also got the results of the 2018 CQ World Wide RTTY (radioteletype) DX Contest, an introduction to moonbounce, a lightning-operated switch for protecting remote stations, a look at several Arduino-based ham projects, two articles on oscilloscopes and a primer on identifying component values (it's no longer just the resistor color chart), plus a visit to Quartzfest - the annual weeklong ham gathering in the Arizona desert - and much more.

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Dates to remember: CQ WPX SSB Contest - March 30-31. See rules here.

Articles from this issue posted online include:

Zero Bias (editorial) - "My ARRL Voice" is Heard (as is CQ's)

News Bytes: ARRL Board Changes Course on Controversial Issues

March/April Contest Calendar

March/April Announcements

On the Cover: Alex Paniou, YO9HP, is training his grandson, Alex, Jr., (inset) to become a ham. The antennas on his "small" tower (main photo) helped him land 3rd place worldwide in the 2018 CQ WW RTTY DX Contest single-op, high-power category. (YO9HP photos)

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