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CQ Highlights – CQ September 2020

CQ September 2020

Following up on K5FUV's July article about using contests to build up your DX totals ("Contesting Your Way to DX Success"), the September issue of CQ amplifies that theme with VK4QS's article about working rare South Pacific countries during the annual Oceania DX Contest, the results of the SSB weekend of the 2020 CQ WPX Contest, and a look at the COVID-19-induced spike in contest operation by our new Contesting Editor, Tim Shoppa, N3QE. Improving propagation to make working that DX easier – including a more detailed look at a new prediction that Solar Cycle 25 will be very strong – are the topics of our September editorial, News Bytes and Propagation column. We've also got a CQ review of the new Eton Elite 750 shortwave receiver, a project for using vintage parts and a tale of making the most of quarantine time to build a new antenna system.

Plus, we look back 50 years to the start of a very special radio relationship between a young man in England and a king in the Middle East, both with a CQ Classic article from the time and an update from that young ham (still young!) recounting how that relationship grew. And speaking of relationships, our cover this month is graced by WB9Z and NV9L, who met on the air and today are happily married!

Among our columns, WA2NDM shows us in "Math's Notes" how to build a simple and versatile audio test amplifier; our Emergency Communications column takes us to India, where hams have been helping authorities battle the COVID-19 pandemic; Kit-Building Editor K0NEB looks at building the new Phaser transceiver kit; "Learning Curve" and "Ham Notebook" each take a look at some shack basics; Digital Editor N2IRZ covers "Deviation and the Dongle;" and Awards Editor WA8JIM keys up on CW awards.

That's a brief look at some highlights of what's coming up in the September issue of CQ magazine. For information on subscribing click here.

Articles from the September, 2020 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – See Spot Run … Across the Sun

September 2020 Contest Calendar

September 2020 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover: Husband-and-wife contesting team of Jerry Rosalius, WB9Z, and Val Hotzfeld, NV9L, made a big splash in the 2020 CQ WPX SSB Contest, placing second worldwide in the Multi-Single High Power category. (Cover photo courtesy NV9L and WB9Z)

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