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CQ February 2018

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Welcome to our annual QRP Special, focusing on all the great things you can do with 10 watts of transmitter power or less. We start out with NC0B's story of operating QRP portable during a trip to Easter Island; we review the QRP Labs QCX 5-watt transceiver kit; and we offer several project articles, from building a QRP rig into a World War II-vintage frequency meter case to building project enclosures using copper-clad PC board sections. Our cover story is about the ultimate QRP - finding flea-powered hidden transmitters during last year's 20th annual CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend. We've also got an update on K1EHZ's December report on 160- and 80-meter propagation during last summer's solar eclipse; Jay reports on additional analysis that also showed changes on 40 and 20 meters. Plus, W4YO offers a lesson in geography and history with his article on the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge in the Indian Ocean, an undersea mountain range that's responsible for three separate DX entities. And speaking of entities, K9ARZ explains the differences between a nation, a country and a political state (and why it's correct to refer to some DX locations as entities rather than countries). Among our columns, we return to the QRP Special theme with looks at QRP and emergency communications and the current craze for super-cheap QRP Pixie transceivers from China. We also learn about wattmeters, loop antennas, the complications of installing a rig in today's computers on wheels, and ham radio citizen science. That's a look at the highlights of the February, 2018 issue of CQ!

That's a look at the highlights of the February, 2018 issue of CQ, click here to subscriber today!

Articles from this issue posted online include:

Zero Bias (editorial) - "Challenges"

February Contest Calendar

February Announcements

On the Cover: Students at the Don Bosco Institute of Technology in Mumbai, India, participate in a foxhunting antenna-building workshop run by the Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute. (Cover photo courtesy Shailesh Deshmukh, VU2LOC, and the Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute)

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