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CQ Highlights – February 2020

"I'll either get it done with QRP or it won't happen!" - That's the approach of Randy Shirbroun, ND0C, and the title of the lead article in the February issue of CQ, our annual QRP Special, devoted to the many opportunities you can seize with 10 watts or less of output power. This year's special focuses mainly on personal stories of fun and DX with QRP. We also hear from Bill Parker, W8QZA; Tim Carter, W3ATB; Dave Wilcox, K8WPE; John Leonardelli, VE3IPS; Jeff Peters, K9JP, and Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ. Plus, we've got a "first look" at a new QRP digital transceiver kit, two QRP-focused "CQ Classic" reprints, and a project for building a repeater link diplexer. We've also got the 2020 WPX crossword puzzle and an article asking whether antenna orientation can affect the sound of a received signal.

Among our columns, we look at some antique wireless communication methods, re-examine antenna polarization, review the results of the 2019 CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend, look at SPICE simulation programs, assess new threats to VHF+ ham bands, and begin a discussion about the pros and cons of public contest logs.

That's a look at the highlights of the February, 2020 issue of CQ!

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Articles from this issue posted online include:

Zero Bias (editorial) - "The Power of Less Power"

February Contest Calendar

February Announcements

On the Cover: Joe and Mary Catherine Domaleski, KI4ASK/KI4HHI, celebrate their win in a 2019 hidden transmitter hunt. They then hosted a hunt for the 2019 CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend. Results are in this issue.

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