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CQ Highlights – August 2018

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The August issue of CQ shines a spotlight on youth, contests and more …

Young hams take center stage in our "Zero Bias" editorial and WB2MGP's report on her 31st annual Youth Forum at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention®. We've also got a photo tour of the show in case you couldn't make it to Xenia this year.

George Wagner, K5KG, takes us to Montserrat for his cover story on a favorite hamming and contesting site there, along with his operating adventures in VP2M earlier this year. One of the contests in which George operated was the 2018 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest, and the results of that competition are in this issue as well, along with the rules rundown for this fall's CQ World Wide DX Contest. And speaking of the CQWW, VK4QS shares his experience as a newbie in last year's CQWW CW Contest in his article, "Landing Whales on a Wet String."

If you aren't young, or a contester, you can read about the Quarter Century Wireless Association's 70th anniversary cruise last year, or build a breakout board to simplify debugging an RS-232 serial connection (especially if your computer and ham rig aren't particularly young, either!). In a similar vein, "Math's Notes" columnist WA2NDM looks at the continued value of analog test equipment in an increasingly digital world.

Some of our other columns include mobile troubleshooting, loop antennas, the paperwork side of emergency communications and a report on efforts to build up VHF weak-signal nodes for the Reverse Beacon Network. That's a look at the highlights of the August, 2018 issue of CQ!

All that and more is coming up in the August issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition - click here!

Articles from this issue posted online include:

Zero Bias (editorial) - Spotlight on Young Hams

August Contest Calendar

August Announcements

On the Cover: (Main photo:) Gingerbread Hill is a vacation rental spot on Montserrat owned by an American expatriate couple. It's been used so frequently by so many hams that it now has a permanent 60-foot crank-up tower and triband beam. (Inset:) The VP2MSS team that operated the 2018 ARRL DX CW Contest from Gingerbread Hill. (Main cover photo by George Wagner, K5KG; Inset photo by Judy Unger-Clark)

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