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CQ Highlights – January 2020

Happy birthday to us! This is our 75th anniversary issue and we're using the opportunity to not only look back over the past three-quarters of a century but to look ahead to the next 75 years as well. We start out by looking ahead to the first-ever Youth On The Air Camp in the western hemisphere, coming to Ohio this summer. Your help is needed to make sure it succeeds!

We start our anniversary coverage with a wide-ranging history of amateur radio since the end of World War II as seen through the lens of CQ, not only reporting on advances in operating and technology but frequently leading the way as well. We follow that with three of the most-classic "CQ Classic" articles - "Looking Into the Future of Amateur Radio" from a 1945 perspective; "Once in a Lifetime Conditions" during the peak of Solar Cycle 19 in the late 1950s from then-Propagation Editor George Jacobs, W3ASK; and the column that launched the amateur satellite program, the April 1959 "Semiconductors" column in which columnist Don Stoner, W6TNS, described a transistorized 6-meter to 2-meter repeater that might be sent up in a balloon, and asked "Can any one come up with a spare rocket for orbiting purposes?" The rest, as they say, is history!

We also have AK6OK's look back at his own history in ham radio and how it launched his career, and a fictionalized recollection by W0CP of what it might have been like growing up as the best friend of the first radio amateur, Guglielmo Marconi.

We've also got results of the 2019 CQ World Wide VHF Contest and the basic rules for the 2020 CQ WPX Contest (SSB weekend in March; CW weekend in May).

Several of our columnists this month take a deep dive into ham history, including "Learning Curve" editor Ron Ochu, KO0Z ("75 Years and More to Come"); "Analog Adventures editor Eric Nichols, KL7AJ ("Small Advances"); Kit-Building Editor Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB ("The G-QRP Urmston Receiver: A Kit With a Long Heritage"); "Magic in the Sky" editor Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR ("Milestones"); and "Ham Notebook" editor Wayne Yoshida ("SMT, SMD and µP - An Alphabet Soup of Progress").

Of course, we're covering other topics as well, including the comeback of high-speed Packet in "Digital Connection," a look at Scopematch to resonate and match low-frequency antennas in "MF/LF Operating," and projections for 2020 on the air in "VHF Plus" and "Propagation."

That's a look at the highlights of the January, 2020 issue of CQ, an issue you'll want to keep on hand for reference over the next 75 years!  click here to subscribe today!

Articles from the January, 2020 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias (editorial) - "Numbers (Starting With 75)"

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