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CQ Highlights – October 2018

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The October issue of CQ is our annual Emergency Communications Special, starting this time on a different approach to serving our communities plus some of the equipment and technology that can help your emergency preparedness efforts. We also take you on a DXpedition to the South Pacific and look at the threatened shutdown of time and frequency standard stations WWV, WWVB and WWVH. Plus we review a product that can help protect your station from lightning damage.

Our EmComm Special opens with "Neighbors Helping Neighbors," in which Joe Ames, W3JY, of Radio Relay International explains his group's effort to recruit clubs to help coordinate emergency communications on a neighbor-to-neighbor basis, using the Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) in addition to amateur radio. Next, we've got several projects to make your station more flexible for public service and everyday operating.

We've always got antennas on our minds (and in our pages), and this month is no different. WA9PYH offers tips on installing a well-tuned mobile HF antenna; QRP Editor KA8SMA conducts a "portable QRP antenna showdown;" and Antennas Editor WA5VJB reviews the Paradan Radio "Antenna Disconnect Actuator," which automatically disconnects and grounds your antenna when you turn off your rig, then reconnects it when you turn the power back on.

We've also got the all-time records for the CQ World Wide DX Contest (SSB weekend coming up October 27-28; CW weekend on November 24-25), and CQ Editor W2VU pens (types?) an analysis and commentary on the illogical logic behind the National Institute of Standards and Technology's proposal to shut down WWV, WWVB and WWVH as part of a larger reduction to its budget for the 2019 federal fiscal year.

Among some of our other columns, "Math's Notes" begins a series on ultra-low frequency communications; "Kit-Building" looks at the 4-States QRP Group "Hilltopper" kit; the "DX" column takes us on a DXpedition to Rotuma (3D2); and Propagation Editor NW7US forecasts good conditions for the upcoming SSB weekend of the CQ World Wide DX Contest.

That's a brief look at what's coming up in the October issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition - click here!

Articles from the Octover, 2018 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – "This is Their Ham Radio"

October 2018 Contest Calendar

October 2018 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover: A mini-pileup off the moon! Peter Prabucki, VA3ELE, of Mississauga, Ontario, made a 2800-mile expedition around Canada last summer, activating more than two dozen grids and making both terrestrial and moonbounce contacts on 144 and 432 MHz. In our cover photo, he's operating EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) from the elusive CQ Zone 2. (Cover photo by VA3ELE)

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