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Dayton Hamvention 2013 - New Product Debut This listings is a compilation of promotional material forwarded to us by the product's manufacturer. CQ Communications. Inc. assumes no responsibility for the information listed here, or on/from external links/sites listed therein. Click on the product name for complete information! Alinco DX-SR9T - Hybrid analog/SDR HF transceiver, plus free download of KG-TRX SDR software. Alpha Node Universal Antenna Hub ­- Connect multiple antenna elements to a single center point. AOR AR6000 - Professional grade 40-kHz - 6-GHz wide range receiver with optional I/Q output that can capture up to one megahertz of bandwidth onto a storage device for later listening or signal analysis. Array Solutions Shared Apex Loop Controller - Compact wideband receiving antenna for MW and HF. bhi, Ltd. DSP Noise Cancelling Speaker - Microprocessor-controlled base station speaker. Coaxial Dynamics Model 81021 Average Reading Dual Socket Wattmeter - allows you to measure both forward and reflected RF power with the flip of a switch. Computer International Bonito RadioJet 1102S - Software defined receiver covering 40 kHz to 30 MHz. Modes include SSB, CW, AM, FM and stereo DRM. Cushcraft R9 HF/VHF Vertical Antenna - Big brother to world-famous R8 includes 75/80 meters as well as 40-6. DX Engineering UC-8 8-Position, Custom-Programmable, Network-Enabled Controller - controls remote-switching or phasing units, locally or over the Internet. DZKit Sedona - a steel/aluminum case with a 12-button keypad, color LCD V/I meter, and receive antenna switch, with options for more. Styled to match the DZKit Sienna transceiver. Electronic Products Design Filament chokes - new line of 8μH chokes comes in three power ratings, 50A, 100A and 160A AC. Green Heron Engineering GH Everyware Remote Receive-Only Antenna Relay - Selects up to 8 antennas for 2 radios; built-in wireless permits local or internet control. GH Everyware Remote 8-Way Coaxial Relay - Tower-mounted coax switch with built-in wireless for remote or internet control. GH Everyware Wireless Remote with Bias-'T' - Adds wireless control to existing antenna relay devices. RT-21 Az-El Universal Rotator Controller - Single box controller for azimuth and elevation rotators. Hy-Gain AV-680 HF + 6m Patriot Vertical Antenna - Covers 80-6 meters (except 60m) with no traps, no radials. DCU-3 Programmable Digital Automatic Rotator Controller - Precisely turns antennas to desired heading. Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe and other control programs. ICOM IC-7100 - All-mode HF/VHF/UHF transceiver with D-STAR and touch-screen interface, a ham radio first. ID-51A - Dual-band VHF/UHF FM Handheld with D-STAR and built-in GPS. New Power Options for two classic handheld radios. The IC-V80 and the IC-T70A are now available either with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and charger (the "HD" version) or with a case for replaceable AA alkaline batteries (the "Sport" version). InnovAntennas DESpole Antenna Line - Reduced-footprint multiband antennas based on OPDES (Opposing-Phase Driven Element System) design. MFJ Enterprises MFJ-941EK Antenna Tuner Kit - An antenna tuner you can build yourself! MFJ-266C HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer - Covers 1.5-185 MHz, plus 220 and 300-490 MHz. MFJ-213 SWR Analyzer - Covers 1.5-60 MHz. MFJ-225 Two-Port Graphic Antenna Analyzer - Use by itself in the field or connect to a computer on your bench for more features. MFJ-868B HF+ 6-meter SWR/Wattmeter - World's largest SWR/Wattmeter measures 6-1/2 inches (diagonally) across the meter face. MFJ-815D Peak-Reading SWR/Wattmeter - Covers 1.8 - 60 MHz, peak-reading for SSB work, average-reading for CW. MFJ-251 Switchable RF Dummy Load - Five selectable impedance settings for testing and calibrating wattmeters and more. MFJ-1172 Remote AC On/Off Switch Controller - Allows for remotely turning equipment power on and off when used with remote-control equipment. MFJ-5008 Ultrasonic receiver - designed for tracking down power line noise. MFJ-4230 30-Amp Switching Power Supply - includes Anderson PowerPole output. MFJ-553 Deluxe Wood Base Telegraph Key - Weighted to stay put on your table but light enough to go anywhere you do. MFJ-9412, -9415 & -9417 SSB Adventure Radios - New models for 12, 15 and 17 meters join the current series for 20, 40 and 75. MFJ-139RC Jumbo Solar-Powered Atomic Clock- 4" LCD display clock sets itself and includes indoor thermometer and hygrometer. MFJ-188BRC Global World Time Atomic Wristwatch - May be set to any major time zone in the world, including UTC. Automatically updates. MFJ-1717SZ Flexible HT Antenna - Covers 144 and 440 MHz, bendable version of popular MFJ-1717. With SMA Connector. MFJ-1799 10-Band HF/VHF Vertical Antenna - End-loading half-wave vertical covers 80/75, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12. 10, 6 and 2 meters. RBC-12 Remote Base Controller - Lets you control a rig over your cellphone or VoIP connection. N3ZN Keys ZN-SLjr - Small-footprint single lever paddle. Pignology PigRemote - Linux-based open system for remote station control. Matched with new Station Controller from Sierra Radio Systems (see listing below). PigKnob - Remote tuning knob for amateur (and commercial/military) radios that use a plain-text CAT control protocol, including radios from Elecraft, Kenwood and newer Yaesu models. QRPworks Ham Central Terminal - smart portable terminal for keyboard modes and CW, designed specifically for the KX3 and K3 Elecraft transceivers. Rig Expert IT-24 Antenna Analyzer - Details at http://www.rigexpert.net. Click to see photo. Sierra Radio Systems Beagle Box - Embedded Linux DIY System, including motherboard, chassis box and other accessories designed for the BeagleBone CPU boards. DEV-1 Hamstack Development Board - Built around a PIC 18F4620 CPU chip, the board is used to develop projects based on the Microchip PIC 18F series of microcontrollers. Designed for new or experienced designers/developers. SRS Station controller - Monitors and controls key station functions during remote operation. Matched with new Pignology PigRemote (see listing above). TEN-TEC Model 278 Smart Memory Autotuner - Stand-alone autotuner that will tune 10:1 SWR and handles up to 100 watts of input power. Model 506 Rebel QRP Transceiver - Open Source QRP factory-built radio, using an Arduino-compatible prototyping platform as the main processing unit. Single-band, CW-only transceiver. [Link to TEN-TEC 506 with photo.doc] Vibroplex Insta EQ - Audio equalizer to provide a standard multimedia headset with programmable frequency response to emulate various commercial microphone types plus the capability of custom settings. W2IHY Technologies PTT by W2IHY - A standalone push-to-talk switch for microphones that don't have their own built in. W&W Manufacturing ECO Analyzer/Charger - unit comes with two cups; one for analyzing a battery and one for charging the battery while attached to the radio.
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