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Contest Calendar - February/March 2020

All year (Starts Jan. 1)CQ DX Marathon
Feb. 1 FISTS Winter Slow Speed Sprint
Feb. 1 FYBO Winter QRP Sprint
Feb. 1 AGCW Straight Key Party
Feb. 1 Minnesota QSO Party
Feb. 1-2 10-10 Int’l Winter Contest
Feb. 1-2 Black Sea Cup Int’l
Feb. 1-2 British Columbia QSO Party
Feb. 1-2 Vermont QSO Party
Feb. 2 North American CW Sprint
Feb. 3 RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB
Feb. 5 UKEICC 80m Contests SSB
Feb. 8 RSGB 1st 1.8 MHZ Contest CW
Feb. 8 Asia-Pacific Spring Sprint (CW)
Feb. 8 FISTS Winter unlimited Sprint
Feb. 8-9 CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest
Feb. 8-9 Dutch PACC Contest
Feb. 8-9 KCJ Topband Contest
Feb. 8-9 OMISS QSO Party
Feb. 8-9 SARL Field Day Contest
Feb. 8-10 YL OM Contest
Feb. 9 CQC Winter QSO Party
Feb. 9-12 Classic Exchange, Phone
Feb.10-14 ARRL School Club Roundup
Feb. 12 RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data
Feb. 12-15 Classic Exchange, CW
Feb. 14 PODSX Valentine Sprint
Feb. 15-16 AWA Amplitude Modulation QSO Party
Feb. 15-16 ARRL CW DX Contest
Feb. 15-16 Russian WW PSK Contest
Feb. 19 AGCW Semi-Automatic Key Evening
Feb. 21-23 CQ WW 160M SSB Contest
Feb.22-23 REF SSB Contest
Feb. 22-23 UK/EI DX Contest, CW
Feb. 22-23 Hiroshima Worked All Squares
Feb. 23 High Speed Club CW Contest
Feb. 26 UKEICC 80m Contests CW
Feb. 27 RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW
Feb. 29 South Carolina QSO Party
Feb. 29- Mar. 1 North American RTTY QSO Party
Feb. 29-Mar. 1 UBA CW DX Contest
Mar. 1 SARL Hamnet 40M Simulated Emergency Contest
Mar. 1-2 North Carolina QSO Party
Mar. 2 RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data
Mar. 3 AGCW YL-CW QSO Party
Mar. 4 UKEICC 80m Contests SSB
Mar. 7-15 Novice Rig Round-Up
Mar. 7-8 ARRL SSB DX Contest
Mar. 7-8 Open Ukraine RTTY Championship
Mar. 7-8 Veron SLP Contest
Mar. 8 SARL YL Sprint
Mar. 8 UBA Spring Contest 80m CW
Mar. 11 RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW
Mar. 11-12 AWA John Rollins Memorial DX Contest
Mar. 14 AGCW QRP Contest
Mar. 14 YB DX RTTY Contest
Mar. 14 QRP ARCI Spring Thaw SSB Sprint
Mar. 14-15 EA PSK63 Contest
Mar. 14-15 Idaho QSO Party
Mar. 14-15 Oklahoma QSO Party
Mar. 14-15 QCWA QSO Party
Mar. 14-15 RSGB Commonwealth CW Contest
Mar. 14-15 SARL VHF/UHF Analogue/Digital Contest
Mar. 14-15 Stew Perry Topband Challenge
Mar. 14-15 FIRAC HF Contest
Mar. 14-15 South America 10 Meter Contest
Mar. 14-15 Tesla memorial HF CW Contest
Mar. 14-15 AWA John Rollins Memorial DX Contest
Mar. 15 North American RTTY Sprint
Mar. 15 UBA Spring Contest 2m CW/Phone
Mar. 15-16 Wisconsin QSO Party
Mar. 21 AGCW VHF/UHF Contest
Mar. 21 PODXS 070 Club St. Patrick’s Day Contest
Mar. 21-22 Virginia QSO Party
Mar. 21-22 Russian DX Contest
Mar. 21-23 BARTG HF RTTY Contest
Mar. 22 UBA Spring Contest 80m SSB
Mar. 25 UKEICC 80m Contests CW
Mar. 26 RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB
Mar. 28 FOC QSO Party
Mar. 28-29 Veron SLP Contest
Mar. 28-29 CQ WW WPX SSB Contest

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