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2014-15 CQ Calendar

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The Active Ham's Magazine

CQ is the magazine for active hams, with a focus on the practical. Every article is clearly written and aimed at involving you, the reader...whether it's a story of operating from some exotic location, an article to deepen your understanding of ham radio science and technology, or a fun-to-build project that will have practical use in your ham shack.

Join us on our monthly journey through the broad and varied landscape of the world's most fascinating hobby!

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Current Issue Highlights

Special combined March/April issue highlights:

    • The CW Neighborhood

    • Antennas Galore

    • The 100-Milliwatt AM Transmitter Challenge
     (CQ Plus)

    • A Last Hurrah for Six-Meter F2 in Cycle 24
     (CQ Plus)

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Announcing the launch of CQ Plus Effective with the February issue of CQ Amateur, content from Popular Communications, CQ VHF and WorldRadio Online, will be incorporated into CQ’s digital edition as a supplement called “CQ Plus” – making CQ Amateur Radio the single source for articles on the broader aspects of hobby radio, from shortwave listening and scanner monitoring to personal two-way services and Internet radio, as well as amateur radio. Click here to view a full-size,
2-page Table of Contents of
CQ’s March/April issue!
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