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Welcome to the website of
CQ Amateur Radio magazine!

CQ is the world's leading independent magazine devoted to amateur radio. For more than 70 years, CQ has been on ham radio's leading edge -- the first to promote mobile operating (in the 1950s), semiconductors (in the 1960s) and packet radio -- the original e-mail (in the 1980s). The amateur satellite program got its start with an idea in the pages of CQ! Today, we are leading the way in promoting links with the Maker movement and are the first U.S. ham magazine with a column on our (soon-to-be) newest ham bands at 630 and 2200 meters.

Our primary focus has always been on operating activities, including DXing and contesting, but construction projects and technical articles regularly find a home in CQ as well.

CQ's greatest strength has always been in its regular columns. Today's lineup includes: Antennas, Awards, Contesting, Digital, DXing, Emergency Communications, Ham Notebook, Homing In (Hidden Transmitter Hunting), Kit-Building, Learning Curve, "Magic in the Sky," Medium/Low Frequency Operating, Mobiling, Propagation, QRP (low-power), technical topics, VHF and more.

In addition, CQ sponsors a wide variety of operating awards and on-air contests, and publishes a broad range of amateur radio books, CDs, DVDs and other products, all of which may be ordered online. You may also subscribe to CQ online. As you can see, the menu to the left provides easy access to all!

While CQ has a worldwide readership of its English-language edition, we have special arrangements with a publisher in Brazil to publish CQ Radioamadorismo in Portuguese. This magazine features translations of articles from the English-language edition of CQ, along with locally-written features and columns, giving each magazine a distinctive personality and a special focus on the country where it is published.

For more information, contact CQ Communications, Inc. -  POB 1206, Sayville, NY 11782; Phone: (516) 681-2922; Fax: (516) 681-2926; e-mail: cq@cq-amateur-radio.com.

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