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Worked All Zones Award Rules

Section 1. Introduction The CQ Worked All Zones Award (WAZ) and its variations are issued to any licensed Radio Amateur Station presenting proof of contact with all 40 CQ Zones.

This proof consists of proper QSL cards; which in many cases may be checked by any of the authorized check points or sent directly to the WAZ Award Manager. (List of authorized check points is included elsewhere in these rules)

The WAZ program is one of the longest running in ham radio, having its start prior to WWII.

While the WAZ program involves the use of "DX Entities," it does not rely on any particular "Entity's" status as a country. The WAZ award is geographically focused, which is where its challenge lies.

WAZ Award correspondence can be directed to the WAZ Award Manager:
John Bergman, KC5LK
125 Deer Trail
Brandon MS 39042-9409
e-mail: kc5lk@cq-amateur-radio.com

Application Form, Rules and Zone Map are available in .PDF format from the CQ Magazine WAZ Rules web page

This information is also available from either the WAZ Award Manager or CQ Magazine in hardcopy. Mail your request for WAZ information to either of the addresses shown above. Please include a business size SAE with two units of postage (for US stations) or $2.00 with your request. Foreign stations may supply a return mailing label and 1 IRC. Please indicate on the back of your envelope "WAZ Info Request" so we can spot your letter more easily and reply quickly.

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