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Worked All Zones Award Rules

Section 3. QSO's and QSL's

All QSO's must be two-way with both stations using the same mode of emission.

QSL Cards must include:
1. Callsigns of both stations
2. Date of QSO
3. Time of QSO (UTC preferred)
4. Band or Frequency of QSO
5. Mode of QSO
6. The QTH of the station worked (country, state, city). Indication of the CQ zone is optional

QSL Cards not including the information above may be returned to the applicant for replacement, and not credited towards the WAZ award.

Electronic verifications from sources approved by CQ are acceptable. See the CQ website for acceptable online sources.

Ineligible QSOs:
Aeronautical Mobile
Maritime Mobile
Stations located on floating ice
Ships anchored in port

Any altered or forged confirmations submitted by an applicant for WAZ credit may result in permanent disqualification. The WAZ Manager may request the resubmission of certain confirmations. While a QSL card is normally accepted as proof of a contact, the final proof is an entry in the DX station's logbook for the listed QSO.

The failure to resubmit QSLs in a timely manner when requested by the WAZ Manager may result in the recall of the award in question.

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