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CQ Highlights – October 2023

The October issue of CQ takes us into the past and the future of amateur radio, along with its present, of course. We start out with a report on the 2023 Newsline Young Ham of the Year award presentation at the Huntsville Hamfest, followed by first-person reflections on the Youth on the Air Americas summer camp in Canada. We also take you back in time to the radio room aboard the Kon Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl’s oceangoing raft that he sailed from South America to Polynesia in the late 1940s, visit a radio museum in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, check out “analog computers” (you might have one in a drawer) and share in WB2UDC’s look at the ways in which ham radio has helped him adjust to retirement.

We also have a look back at 14 years of portable operating by ham radio’s “marathon man,” Vledimir Kovaceski, Z35M, who has made 1000 portable operating expeditions – many by bike – and racking up thousands of all-QRP QSOs along the way. IU0NIC takes us on a DXpedition to a rare entity in the middle of a big city, last summer’s 1A0C operation from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, an “extraterritorial” entity headquartered in the heart of Rome. AH6CY shows us a new approach to building a multiband vertical antenna out of coffee cans; WA3EKL describes a transceiver-to-computer interface he designed to make it easy to switch modes and reduce in-shack RFI; and W0RW takes us to “the intersection of astronomy and amateur radio.”

Among our columns this month, K3PFW continues his series on setting up his refurbished station in Emergency Communications; WB6NOA offers tips on dealing with a sticky tuning dial on an older transceiver; Antennas Editor WA5VJB looks at some basic math in explaining how direction-finding antennas do their jobs; N4DTF reports on some spectacular late-summer tropo on the VHF bands, and Contesting Editor N3QE pits a solar flare against the North American QSO Party’s CW competition (3 guesses who won!).

That’s a brief look at what’s coming up in the October issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - Click here

Looking Ahead:

  • Results: 2023 CQ WPX CW Contest
  • US Medalists at 2023 World ARDF Championship
  • Rules: 2024 CQ DX Marathon; 2024 CQWW 160-Meter Contest
  • Sweepstakes Success Tips
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On the Cover: Each year since 2015, Vladimir Kovaceski, Z35M, has made one-day bicycle DXpeditions to Albania from his home in North Macedonia. In the photo, he is on the shore of Ohrid Lake, which borders both countries, using his bike as an antenna support. These trips are among the 1000 portable operations Vlado writes about in this issue. (Cover photo by Vladimir Kovaceski, Z35M)

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