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CQ Highlights – November 2022

Serra do Lopo is Portuguese for “Wolf Mountain,” and the ZV4SL contest team in Brazil takes a portable station to its summit to compete in various contests – something of a cross between a major contest effort and a Summits on the Air activation. Contributing Editor PT2ZDX/LU9EFO shares their story in “Contesting With Wolves – the ZV4SL Serra do Lopo Contesting Station,” the lead feature in the November 2022 issue of CQ, which will be in readers’ hands (or on their screens) in between the SSB and CW weekends of the CQ World Wide DX Contest.

This issue also features the CW results of this year's CQ WPX Contest, along with rules for the 2023 CQWW 160-Meter Contest and the 2023 CQ DX Marathon (including a new Marathon Director).

Beyond contesting, we have “Almost a Heathkit,” in which former Heathkit technician N8RS tells the story of the SS-8000, a state-of-the-art (for the late 1970s) transceiver that never made it to market because of the new bands approved at WARC-79 – he has the only existing 8000 in his shack – along with his experiences building the prototype of its successor, the SS-9000. We follow that with our review of the SS-9000 in a CQ Classic from February 1984.

Finally among our features this month, CP6CL shows us how he put his Windom antenna to very effective use on 6 meters as well as the HF bands.

Among our columns, “Listening Post” editor Gerry Dexter reports that the World Radio-TV Handbook, or WRTH, will continue to be published, much to the relief of many shortwave listeners; Emergency Communications Editor K3PFW writes about the importance of planning (with more focus on the process than the results, since emergencies are well-known for making plans obsolete within seconds); and Kit-Building Editor K0NEB offers up some ideas for “Holiday Gifts for Builders.”

“Homing In” editor K0OV brings us results of the Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships in Bulgaria, along with foxhunting fun at the Youth on the Air summer camp. “Ham Notebook” editor KH6WZ also has foxhunting on his mind, along with his latest exhibit at the West Coast’s biggest Maker Faire. “Digital Connection” editor N2IRZ reports on the 2022 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference; “Learning Curve” editor KO0Z takes us inside the auroral oval; and DX Editor N2OO brings us a status report on the Northern California DX Foundation’s RIB – or Radio in a Box – project for operating DXpeditions from environmentally-sensitive locations while leaving a minimal human footprint on the land.

That's a brief look at some highlights of what's coming up in the November issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition - click here!

Articles from the November, 2022 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – "The ‘C’s of the Season"
November-December 2022 Contest Calendar
November-December 2022 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover: Jelmer Vos, DJ5MO, of Halle, Germany, piloted his station to second place worldwide in the Tribander/Wires overlay of the 2022 CQ WPX CW Contest’s Single-Op/Low Power category. Contest results are in this month’s issue.

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