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CQ Highlights – September 2023

The September issue of CQ highlights the great variety of people and activities within ham radio, starting with a CQ Interview with 93-year-old Terezinha Felix Cardoso, PT2FT, who not only was the first ham in Brazil to complete CQ's USA Counties Award, but counted the late King Hussein of Jordan, JY1, among her ham radio friends.

We also have the SSB results of the 2023 CQ World Wide WPX Contest, with a record number of logs received – more than 7700 – and a half-million more QSOs than in 2022. Also in the contesting arena, Contesting Editor N3QE offers a first-person report from the 2022 World Radiosport Team Championship, which was actually held this year due to lingering Covid restrictions making international travel still difficult last year. We also look ahead in "News Bytes" to the first of two upcoming Solar Eclipse QSO Parties (this October and next April).

The physiology of DXing is highlighted in this month's DX column, in which guest editor and medical doctor Ralph Fedor, K0IR, writes about "The CW Receiving Machine" (hint: you already have one). We pair that with a CQ Classic on an early CW sending machine, a 1973 article on a Morse code keyboard using a diode matrix to generate dits and dahs. Finally on the topic of DX, former DXCC Manager Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, offers a perspective piece titled "Patience: The Virtue of DXers."

As usual, we have several antenna-related articles, including guidance from KC1DSQ and W1IS on how to "Inexpensively Double Your Radiated Power" on 10 meters, the K4HRK antenna launcher and a refresher on using a bucket variometer to load short verticals for 630 and 2200 meters. K9ARZ goes vintage with his $20 transmitter article, and KH6WZ stays in that genre in "Ham Notebook" with a column on "When Parts Are Not Parts." Plus, W0RW shares a "Random Dot Stereogram QSL Card."

Emergency Communications Editor K3PFW looks at tropical cyclones; Learning Curve editor KO0Z dips into what you can catch in a ham radio net; Kit-Building editor K0NEB has a lot of time on his hands this month, and Digital Connection editor N2IRZ covers the assembly of a TARPN node. Finally, Propagation Editor NW7US tells us what to expect from the ionosphere as we move into fall.

That’s a brief look at what’s coming up in the September issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - Click here

Looking Ahead:

  • Report From YOTA Camp
  • The Kon Tiki's Radio Room
  • How DXing "Used to Be"
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On the Cover: Longtime DXer Terezinha Felix Cardoso, PT2FT, with her USA-CA certificate noting that she is the first Brazilian amateur to work all 3077 U. S. counties. Inset: CQ Contributing Editor PT2ZDX/LU9EFO; Orlando Perez Filho, PT2OP, and PT2FT in front of Terezinha's tower. (Cover photos by Ligia Katze)

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