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CQ Highlights – December 2021

The December issue of CQ is our annual Technology Special and we've got a dozen different articles focusing on varied aspects of the technology behind everything we do on the radio, from the basics of inductors in our "Learning Curve" column to a new theory of long-haul propagation on 2200 meters in our "MF/LF Operating" column. But we start by applying 21st-century technology to analyzing the likely propagation modes behind the "transatlantic tests" of 100 years ago in December 1921. Propagation expert Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA, guides us through the technology in his article on "The Centennial of DXing" and the first observation of the "East Coast Advantage" in working from North America to Europe.

Next, AG4W takes us on the ultimate DXpedition in "A Journey to the Moon and Back," describing the technology he assembled to build his EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) station; W4DNN keeps our eyes on the skies with "Satellite Rag-Chewing on a Shoestring;" and while we're looking up, K3BEQ and GD0NFN tell us how to track and analyze digital transmissions from commercial aircraft. (You know the tracking apps for flights en route? You can get the data yourself and contribute to those apps' information.)

Back on the ground, NZ0I and WB8WFK describe the Arducon – an Arduino-based controller for foxhunt transmitters (and how to generate the AM signals traditionally used in 2-meter transmitter hunts using an FM handheld); KE3FL builds an FLDigi computer interface from parts in his junkbox; W2IY shares the virtues (and limitations) of using an uninterruptible power supply in your ham shack, and PY2ZDX/LU9EFO takes us on a tour of the first WebSDR station in Brazil that's accessible by the public (yes, including you!). Among our columns, in addition to "Learning Curve" and "MF/LF Operating" mentioned above, N8BHL discusses meeting the needs of emergency response partners with technology already available to us, and guest "Antennas" columnists W1IS and KC1DSQ take "A Deep Dive into End-Fed Half-Wave Antennas" after discovering that the basic technology behind these popular antennas hadn't been closely examined in decades.

Of course, there's more to ham radio than technology, and there's more to this issue of CQ as well! Contesting Editor N3QE has produced our 2nd annual "Periodic Table of Contests" featuring a chart you can hang on your wall containing the most popular on-air competitions each weekend for all of 2022; we've got the rundown on the 2022 CQ World Wide WPX RTTY Contest, featuring a new Youth Overlay; and two columns encouraging all of us to make more and better use of FM simplex on our VHF and UHF bands – "VHF-Plus" and our brand-new "Ham Radio Explorer" column by K8ZT. We've also got a look at chasing YLs (on the air, that is!) and a New Jersey club's efforts to fight pandemic boredom with its "Get on the Air DX Challenge" for its members.

There's much more, but we're already out of space. We can't sign off for December, though, without wishing each and every one of you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2022. CU next year!

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On the Cover: On the Cover: Happy Holidays from all of us at CQ!

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