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CQ Highlights – January 2023

Happy New Year! From the Vatican to Djibouti and a radio signal on a billion-year journey, the January issue of CQ takes you around the radio universe as we head into 2023. We start with YU3AWA’s DXpedition to HV0A in Vatican City, from which she became the first YL to operate in more than 20 years. Next, we go north to British Columbia, where Canada’s CHIME radiotelescope recently detected a repeating radio signal from a galaxy at least a billion light years from Earth. And since the father of radioastronomy was a ham – the late Grote Reber, ex-W9GFZ – our CQ Classic series takes us back to a visit with Reber shortly before his passing and a CW filter circuit using elements of Reber’s radioastronomy technology as well as Edwin Howard Armstrong’s regenerative receiver circuitry.

We also have a CQ Review of the CODAN High Power Amplifier Controller, which allows the company’s high-end commercial HF transceiver to control a moderately-priced Ameritron ALS-1306 amplifier. K4FMH offers some tools for making the best use of the well-known Sherwood Tables in deciding on a new transceiver. KB0VKS concludes his two-part article on building and using a low-voltage transformer (with the emphasis this month on using it to help identify other transformers of unknown values). Plus, we have two antenna features, N2EWS on his “Perverted V” and KM3T on widely-held “Antenna Misconceptions.” Finally, AH6CY shows us how he has repurposed LEGO® blocks left over from now-grown children to build equipment enclosures!

We’ve also got the results of the 2022 CQ World Wide VHF Contest, rules for the 2023 CQ WPX contests, shortwave broadcasting news and much more, including this month’s DX column on a recent DXpedition to Djibouti! Finally, NW7US looks ahead to expected propagation conditions on the HF bands in 2023. All this and more will be found in the pages of the January 2023 issue of CQ.

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Happy New Year from all of us at CQ!

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On the Cover: When Marija Kostic, YU3AWA, took the mic at HV0A – the only amateur station in Vatican City – last September, she became the first YL in more than two decades to do so. !

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