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CQ Highlights - February 2021

Low temperatures … low power! February is time for CQ's annual QRP Special, devoted to the art and science of low-power communication. We start off with "QRP Quickies," short stories by QRP enthusiasts about the fun adventures with 5 watts or less. This year's group includes AC2YD with "What Two Watts Can Do," K2QFA's "Adventures With My FT-818 (featured on the cover), and "The Bayou Jumper – A Modern Day Version of the Paraset Radio," by VE3IPS. Former QRP Editor W4DNN reports on a visit to the Ten-Tec museum (when it was still in Tennessee), which is all prelude to his story on "How a Burned-Out Transistor Launched Me Into the World of QRPp." (For the uninitiated, QRPp is really low power – one watt or less.) VK4QS writes about "The Pure Magic of QRP CW DXing," AH6CY describes a low-power balcony railing antenna in "The Squirrel Zapper" and WA6ARA offers a guide to "Portable QRP Satellite Operation."

Our "CQ Classics" this month are both by former Semiconductors Editor Don Stoner, W6TNS (SK) on building a 1-watt transistor transmitter and converting a CB walkie-talkie to 10 meters. Both originally were published 60 years ago, in 1961. As we dug through our back issues, we realized what a treasure trove of QRP articles we've published over the years, so we assembled a four-decade collection from our online master index of QRP articles in CQ from 1980-2020!

What's that? You're not into QRP? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. If you like puzzles, we've got K8ZT's annual WPX crossword. If you like building, we've got WA9PYH's article on building a dual-band low-noise amplifier for 2 meters and 70 centimeters (with built-in RF sensing so you won't need a sequencer). And if you like to combine your hamming with internet connections, K3BEQ follows up his recent "Peanut" article with one on "Streaming Video Over Internet Protocol for Amateur Radio." Among our columns, "Math's Notes" editor WA2NDM goes far away from QRP with his 1-Kilowatt Optical Transmitter, EmComm Editor N8BHL looks at "The Zoom Files," Kit-Building Editor K0NEB stirs up some sawdust, three columnists tackle antenna topics and our brand new Awards Editor, KI4KWR, hits the ground running with tips on chasing FT8 awards.

That's a brief look at what's coming up in the February issue of CQ. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber. click here.

Articles from the February, 2021, issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – QRP-for-Akk

February 2021 Hamfests and Special Events

February 2021 Contests

On the cover: Christopher Tenev, K2QFA, of Lambertville, New Jersey, operates QRP portable while on a ski trip to Vail, Colorado. (Cover photo by Nicholas Tenev)

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