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Warning About Deep Discounts

A Note from the Publisher

We've been hearing from hams who claim they "won" an auction on E-Bay for a 3-year Popular Communications, CQ Amateur Radio and CQ VHF subscription for $27, or found some other online source of a 1-year subscription for $10 or $15. These are not authorized by CQ Communications, Inc. and you are very likely getting ripped off!

The prices cited above barely cover our postage costs for mailing 12, 24 or 36 issues of the magazine, to say nothing of printing expenses, cost of articles, staff salaries, overhead and all the other expenses associated with running a business.

Some sellers are abusing relationships we've established with firms that do school fund-raisers (we make nothing on those but hope you'll enjoy the magazine enough to renew at the regular price); others are just plain crooks -- they'll take your money, never submit an order and leave us scratching our heads when you call asking why you haven't started getting your magazines yet.

Please deal with known, reputable firms -- there are plenty of legit companies on the internet selling legit selling legit subscriptions to our magazines (generally at full price, though) -- or subscribe through us directly, either on our web store, by phone at our toll-free number, or by mail. As for the deep discounters, remember the basic warning about any scam: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Dick Ross, K2MGA

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