On The Cover: January 2008

On the Cover

Sture Henriksson, OHJFP, lives in Mariehamn, the only town in the land Islands. Some eight years ago, starting from scratch, he decided to build a competitive station on a hill about five miles south of town. His first antenna support was an irrigation pipe and his first power sources were car batteries and a gas generator. Now there are eight impressive towers with some decent antennas. The climate is mild there with warm and sunny summers and a lot of snow in winter, but the winters are windy so very large arrays would not survive the storms and ice. The present shack is only 8 10 ft. but a new and larger one is already on the site.

Sture became a licensed ham in 1992, but for many years before that he had been very active on CB radio. For Sture, antenna work is a year-round affair; the last time I visited him, around the CQ WW Contest, it was raining all day yet he did work on his new 40-meter Yagi, which by now is up and swinging. Sture worked as a fisherman for many years and learned practical physics and dynamics at sea. His antennas are often reinforced and rarely fail.

OHJFP is not an enemy of computers but they are not his favorite things. Consequently, he is not connected to the web, even though there is some information about his station on <www.qsl.net/oh0jfp>. His favorite bands are 50 MHz and up, but he has antennas up for nearly all the HF bands as well. Guest operators frequently use his station, so if you hear OHJFP on the air, it does not mean that Sture himself is behind the microphone. However, he is the man behind the good, strong, signals. (Cover photo and On the Cover by Henryk Kotowski, SMJHF)

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