On The Cover: March 2008

On the Cover

George Dominick, W4UWC, of Knoxville, Tennessee, is a dyed-in-the-wool DXer whose chase for contacting distant stations began soon after he was licensed in 1952 by “trying hard and long to work California.” Since then, he has confirmed 370 DX entities on voice alone, earning a spot on the DXCC Honor Roll as well as Worked All Continents, Worked All States, membership in the A1 Operator’s Club, and SSB Worked All Zones #447, “from back in the late 1950s when only about a quarter of the hams on the air were using single sideband.”

George says he inherited his interest in DX from his “elmer,” W4DPI (SK), who was a distributor for Collins. “His interest was DXing and so is mine,” George noted, adding, “I just enjoy talking to DX stations.”
Along the way, he says, he built several of his own amplifiers and a variety of antennas. Three of his homebuilt amps are still in use, a 160/80/40 tribander and a 20-meter monobander (rack-mounted), each using a 4CX-1000 tube, as well as a desktop amp using a 4CX-500. That’s sitting right on top of the Collins 75S3 receiver on the left side of his operating position. George’s main rig today is a Yaesu FT-1000 MkV; he also has an FT-990 and a commercially built Alpha amplifier.

Retired from the industrial electronics business, George notes that he has never changed his call; he started out in 1952 as WN4UWC and became W4UWC when he upgraded to General. He also notes that his two adult children are hams as well; son Marshall is K4UWC and daughter Susan is KE4EQU. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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