August 2008 Contests


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August 2008 Contests        

Date                Contest                                                URL link

Aug. 2        

European HF Championship
Aug. 2-3 10-10 Intíl Summer QSO Party
Aug. 2-3 North American CW QSO Party
Aug. 3 SARL HF SSB Contest
Aug. 9-10 Worked All Europe CW Contest

Aug. 9-10                 

Maryland-DC QSO Party
Aug. 16-17 SARTG RTTY Contest
Aug. 16-17 Keymanís Club of Japan Contest
Aug. 16-17 North American SSB QSO Party
Aug. 16-18 New Jersey QSO Party

Aug. 30-31    

ALARA Contest
Aug. 30-31 SCC RTTY Championship
Aug. 30-31 YO DX HF Contest
Aug. 30-31 Ohio QSO Party
Aug. 31  SARL HF CW Contest


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