Announcements: January 2009

2009 Nominations 2009 Dayton Hamvention® Awards: Deadline for nominations for the 2009 Amateur of the Year, Special Achievement, and Technical Excellence Awards is February 18. All amateur radio operators are eligible and the winners will be announced at the Hamvention®, May 15–17. Documentation that informs the Awards Committee of a candidate’s accomplishments may include magazine articles, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and videos. Additional details on the awards and a nomination form are available on the Hamvention® website. Nominations also will be accepted via mail to Dayton Hamvention® Awards, PO Box 964, Dayton, OH 45401.

Straight Key Century Club Third Anniversary Special Event Station K3Y: 0000Z January 1 to 2359Z January 31 on 1.820, 3.550, 7.055, 10.120, 14.050, 18.080, 21.050, 24.910, 28.050, 50.090, and 144.070 MHz. All K3Y ops will be using straight keys, cootie keys, or bugs. For QSL mail QSL and SASE to Dan Rhodes, KA3CTQ, 5408 Chillingham Place, Frederick, MD 21703. Working all ten call areas will earn the operator a certificate with SASE. For details: <>.


The following hamfests, etc., are scheduled for January and early February:

Jan. 3, 18th Annual Morristown Hamfest, Smoky Mountain Expo Center, White Pine, Tennessee. Contact June McClary, AI4SO, e-mail <>. (Talk-in 147.030+; exams 11 AM)

Jan. 3, West Allis RAC Midwinter Hamfest/Swapfest, Waukesha Co. Expo Center Forum, Waukesha, Wisconsin. Contact Phil Gural, W9NAW, phone 414-425-3649, or visit <>. (Exams 9–11:15 AM at AMF Waukesha Lanes across from Expo)

Jan. 17, NCARC Winter Superfest, Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact Matt Kassawara, KGØW, e-mail: <>, phone: 970-433-2123. (Talk-in 145.115 –/100 Hz; exams)

Jan. 17, Southeast Louisiana ARC Hammond Hamfest, University Center of SLU campus, Hammond, Lousiana. Contact Tyrone Burns, N5XES, e-mail: <>; phone: 985-351-8315; <>. (Exams 9:15 AM)

Jan. 18, Hazel Park ARC Hamfest, Hazel Park High School, Hazel Park, Michigan. Contact WD8S at e-mail: <>; phone: 248-399-7970; <>. (Talk-in 146.640 [100 Hz PL])

Jan. 31, Lockport ARA Hamfest, South Lockport Firehall, Lockport, New York. Contact Dan Caswell, N2OBX, e-mail: <>; <>. (Talk-in 146.820 [107.2 PL])

Feb. 1, Northern Ohio ARS Winter*Ham*Fest, Gargus Hall, Sheffield, Ohio. Contact Darlene Ohman, KA8VTS, e-mail: <>; phone: 216-398-8858; <https://www.>. (Talk-in 146.70/10)

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