June  2009 Contests


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June 2009 Contests        

Date                Contest                                                URL link

June 6-7 

SEANET Contest https://www.sabah.net.my/seanet/
June 6-7 Alabama QSO Party https://www.alabamaqsoparty.org/
June 13 Portugal Day Contest  https://www.rep.pt/

June 13

Asia-Pacific SSB Sprint https://jsfc.org/apsprint/
June 13-14 ANARTS RTTY Contest  https://www.anarts.com.au/
June 13-14  GACW WWSA CW Contest  https://gacw.no-ip.org/

June 13-15

ARRL June VHF QSO Party https://www.arrl.org/contests/
June 20 Kidís Day https://www.arrl.org/contests/
June 20-21 All Asian CW Contest https://www.jarl.or.jp/English/4_Library/A-4-3_Contests/AADX.htm

June 20-21

West Virginia QSO Party  https://www.qsl.net/wvsarc/
June 27-28 King of Spain SSB Contest https://www.ure.es/

June 27-28

ARRL Field Day https://www.arrl.org/contests/
June 27-28  Marconi Memorial HF Contest https://www.arifano.it/


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