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Lee Brandt, KC2RBL, and other members of the Radio Association of Western New York (RAWNY)

On the Cover

Lee Brandt, KC2RBL, and other members of the Radio Association of Western New York (RAWNY) operate Field Day aboard the USS Little Rock museum ship in Buffalo, New York. The Little Rock, a guided missile cruiser, was in service from 1945 to 1976 and served a variety of roles, including flagship of the U.S. Sixth Fleet

in the 1960s. In 1978–79, it was converted to a museum ship and has been on display since 1979 at the Buffalo and Erie County Military Park. RAWNY has been involved with the ship from the time of its arrival in Buffalo, operating demonstration stations there starting in 1980 and gaining a permanent presence in 1984. The club station is in the former “nuclear strike” room, which was the hub of all activities relating to the nuclear weapons that had been on the ship. The station is set up along the public tour route and is typically the second stop for most visitors. Club members operate the station most weekends from spring until fall, as well as special events, such as the Museum Ship Weekend (the first weekend in June each year) and ARRL Field Day, when these photos were taken.

The two operators seen in the radio room are Jim Collins, KA2IWK, and Mike Sulkowski, KA2GVY. Lee Brandt, KC2RBL, is pictured in front of the ship. She tells CQ that her father was in the Signal Corps during World War II and could copy code at 40 words per minute. While he was never a ham, she was interested on and off from high school onward. About three years ago, she says, she visited the Little Rock and saw the station on the air. A longtime member, Kevin Kedzierski, WA2FKV, put her on the radio and got her hooked. Lee got her license about a year later and is now RAWNY’s public relations director. She is studying for her Extra and then wants to learn code, to honor her father’s memory. (Cover photos by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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