On The Cover: October  2009


Dick Flanagan, K7VC, of Minden, Nevada

On the Cover

Dick Flanagan, K7VC, of Minden, Nevada, lives in a high valley about 10 miles south of Carson City, just east of Lake Tahoe. His mile-high location provides a great takeoff point for working DX with the three antennas mounted on his 72-foot crank-up tower (cranked down to fit in the photo). At the bottom is a Hy-Gain TH11DX five-band Yagi, at 73 feet. The middle antenna is an M2 6M7 seven-element beam for 6 meters, and at the top is a Cushcraft 40-2CD two-element beam for 40 meters, which sits at 85 feet when the tower is cranked up. Dick has upgraded some elements of his station (seen in the inset) since these photos were taken. A current photo is on his website at <www. k7vc.com>.

While Dick has been licensed since 1961, he has been seriously pursuing DX for only the past decade. In that time, he has managed to confirm 320 countries and earn both ARRL’s 7-Band DXCC and CQ’s 5-Band Worked All Zones awards. (We’re sure the location and antennas don’t hurt!)

Dick’s interests go well beyond DXing. In the past he has been a repeater coordinator and chaired the ARRL’s VHF Repeater Advisory Committee. He also served as ARRL Section Manager for Nevada from 2003 to 2008, and earned the ARRL’s Excellence in Recruiting award in 2001. A retired software engineer, Dick’s current passion is the annual EMCOMMWEST® emergency communications conference in Reno, Nevada, which he founded and will be coordinating next year.

Dick’s wife, Melissa, is also a ham—KK7AA. They share their high-desert home with an Australian Shepherd and a pair of Maine Coons. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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