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   March 2010

Articles from the

March 2010 issue
of CQ posted on our

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The March issue of CQ starts out with a visit to Germany, and a look at the ham radio opportunities and challenges faced by author Nick Elias, N3AIU, on a two-year work assignment there.

Next, we have the CW results of the 2009 CQ World Wide WPX Contest and yet another record number of logs submitted, along with 44 new scoring records, despite our remaining mired in the longest solar minimum in memory. World top scorers included EF8M (Single Op, All Band), VP9/VE3DZ (SOAB-Low Power), UP2L (Single Op, Single Band), 4O4A (QRP), CN3A (Single Op, Assisted), C59L (Multi Op, Single Transmitter), OL0W (Multi-Two), and WE3C (Multi-Multi).

Finally among our March features, Contributing Editor Gordon West, WB6NOA, reviews the Jetstream JT-220M, a new mobile rig for making the most of our most-underused VHF band, 222 MHz.

Among our columns this month, "Math's Notes" editor Irwin Math, WA2NDM, continues his look at an experimental transmission project using modulated light waves; "Washington Readout" editor Fred Maia, W5YI, reviews the top ham radio stories of the past decade; and Public Service Editor Richard Fisher, KI6SN, covers early reports from Haiti and a change in both name and mission for MARS, now the Military Auxiliary Radio System.

"World of Ideas" editor Dave Ingram, K4TWJ, who unfortunately became a Silent Key in mid-January, penned the next-to-last installment in his series on stealth antennas, "Hamming from the Shadows" (the final installment will run in the April issue of CQ); Kit-building Editor Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, looks at building kits with surface-mount parts; and Kids' Korner editor Brittany Decker, KB1OGL, stays with the kit-building theme and offers "Kits for Kids."

Longtime Contributing Editor Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ, sheds his "Beginner's Corner" mantle and provides the first in a series of more broadly-focused columns called "The Ham Notebook." K4TWJ's final "How it Works" column looks at tips for success in low-budget HF operating. New Products Editor John Wood, WV5J, spotlights Yaesu's newest VHF/UHF mobile rig and its updated-and-improved VX-8DR handheld, among other new items on the market.

VHF-Plus Editor Joe Lynch, N6CL, showcases Australia's major role in the Apollo 11 moon mission as well as its role in the 40th anniversary "Echoes of Apollo" event on the ham bands. Awards Editor Ted Melinosky, K1BV, looks at awards focusing on castles, flora and fauna, and islands; DX Editor Carl Smith, N4AA, shares the story of N5PHT's ultimately successful quest for the 5-Band Worked All Zones award; Contesting Editor John Dorr, K1AR, discusses the strategy of calling CQ (and not calling CQ) in contests, and Propagation Editor Tomas Hood, NW7US, reports on slowly rising sunspot numbers and assures us that, yes, Virginia, there really is a Cycle 24!

That's a brief look at what's coming up in the March issue of CQ magazine, which should be on newsstands and in subscribers' mailboxes by late February. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber, click the "Click Here to Subscribe" button at the top of this page.

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