On The Cover: March 2010

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW,
of Nokomis, Florida

On the Cover

Cover photographer Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI, found Jon Hamlet, W4ZW, of Nokomis, Florida, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, out on his roof adjusting his SteppIR antenna when he came to shoot pictures, but nowadays you’re most likely to find Jon at one of the three schools where he helps run amateur radio clubs and licensing courses. Since late 2008, he and Dave Brandenburg, K5RQ, with the help of several local radio clubs, have licensed more than two dozen young people and have two more groups signed up for Technician classes as well as a General Class course that was scheduled for February.

Jon and Dave have outfitted each of the schools at which they volunteer with a complete club station. In addition, they donate a handheld for each student who earns his or her license. (Jon notes that the HTs are actually donated to the school club, which then lends them to the students, who have the option of purchasing them for whatever they can afford to pay.) Local clubs have stepped in with additional donations as well as volunteers and the use of club repeaters for training and youth nets.

Jon has been licensed since 1955 and says he’s tried just about everything ham radio has to offer over the years. Currently, his main interests are contesting and CW, and he tries to involve his students in contesting efforts as well. Jon is a retired businessman who has owned a computer company and a telephone company, built cars and owned the RadioShack franchise in Russia for six years. He credits ham radio with leading him into the telecommunications business and helping him meet a lot of very interesting people, noting that “hams tend to be a cut above average to begin with.” We couldn’t agree more! (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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