Announcements: May 2010

Annual International Amateur Radio DXpedition – The Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group in conjunction with the Palm Beach Maritime Museum, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the ARRL are sponsoring this event May 29 and 30 from 8 AM Saturday to 5:30 PM Sunday on the West Palm Beach’s Peanut Island honoring John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s birthday. The public is invited to participate in the event, which will include special presentations and displays by vendors, plus entertainment. For more information, contact Albert Moreschi II, AG4BV, Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group, e-mail: <>, phone: 561-746-7421, web: <>.

The following Special Event stations are scheduled for May and early June:

W1ACT/p, from Gay Head Lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard Island, IOTA NA046; Team HAMCOW, Fall River ARC; 2000Z May 1 to 0500Z May 2, and 1300–2000Z May 12; on CW 3.540, 7.035, 14.040, 21.040, 28.040; SSB 3.850, 7.180, 14.280, 21.380, 28.380 MHz. QSL via N1JOY, SASE only; e-mail <>; <>.

K2BSA/Ø, from SCOUTQUEST, Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri; Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America; 3 PM June 4 to 12 PM June 6 around the following international scouting frequencies: 20 meters (14.290 SSB and 14.060 CW), 40 meters (7.090 and 7.190 SSB; 7.030 CW). For special QSL send QSL and SASE to Richard Grady, NØJYU, 5976 Keith Place, St. Louis, MO 63109-3446.

K2BSA/2, from Boy Scout Troop 1’s celebration of 100 years of unbroken charter with the Boy Scouts of America; Unadilla, New York; Chenango Valley ARA; 2010 EDT May 14 to 2010 EDT May 16. QSL info listed on QSL Manager Tony Masi, N2GVB, 3289 State Hwy 206, Bainbridge, NY 13733-3114. More info e-mail N2GVB at <>. Certificate being issued.


The following hamfests are slated for late Apr. and May:

Apr. 25, 49th Annual Arthur Illinois Hamfest, Arthur Firehouse, Arthur, Illinois. For information, e-mail: Ralph Zancha, WC9V, <>, phone: 217-254-7574, web: <>. (Talk-in 146.055/ 146.655 PL 162.2; exams 10 AM)

May 1, Valley of the Moon ARC (W6AJF) ARRL Hamfest, Sonoma Valley Veteran’s Memorial Building, Sonoma, California. Contact Darrel, WD6BOR, e-mail: <>, phone: 707-996-4494, web: <>.

May 1, Blue Ridge ARS 48th Annual Hamfest, Piedmont State Fairgrounds, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Information: <>.

May 1, Wexaukee ARC 48th Annual Cadillac Swap, Cadillac Junior High School, Cadillac, Michigan. Contact Alton McConnmell, NU8L, e-mail: <>, phone: 231-867-3774. (Talk-in 146.98 [no PL]; exams)

May 14–16, Dayton Hamvention®, Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio. For information, phone: 937-276-6930, web: <>; see the Hamvention® display ad elsewhere in this issue. See us at the CQ Booth. SEE US AT DAYTON!


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