On The Cover: May 2010


Dick Metsker, AF4TX, of Hendersonville, Tennessee

On the Cover

“I have so many hobbies, I don’t have time for work,” says Dick Metsker, AF4TX, of Hendersonville, Tennessee, who enjoys woodworking and fishing in addition to ham radio. In fact, Dick’s shack is part of an addition to his house that is half woodworking shop and half radio room, and he enjoys blending his hobbies. He makes his own fishing lures from wood and experiments with them on Old Hickory Lake, near his house, some 20 miles northeast of Nashville.

Dick also designed and built his radio desk; the whole thing is on wheels and the top hinges forward to give him access to the back of all his gear. The gear on the desk includes a Kenwood TS-950SDX HF transceiver with a TL-922A amplifier, a Vectronics antenna tuner, a Yaesu rotor controller, and an Astron RS-70M power supply. For VHF and UHF, Dick has a Yaesu FT-5100 dualband FM rig, along with a simplex autopatch that allows him to make phone calls via his handheld from any place within range of his antenna.

Dick’s 2-meter and 70-centimeter antennas are on top of his tower, which is motorized and controllable from inside the shack. It nests at 20 feet (although taller trees make that impossible in Dick’s case) and can be raised to 72 feet. There is an additional 20-foot mast on top, supporting those VHF/ UHF antennas, a Moseley beam for 10–40 meters, and an 80-meter dipole, which is rigged on either end with weights and pulleys to let it move up and down with the tower.

Professionally, Dick is a licensed dispensing optician and currently works as the procurement officer for the Tennessee School for the Deaf. A ham for roughly 15 years, Dick’s original—and current—favorite activity is DXing. “DX still fascinates me,” he says. “I just love it.” (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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