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CQ Announcements: September 2010 The following Special Event stations will be on the air in September:

KA1KD, from commemoration of P.T. Barnum's 200th birthday, Bethel, Connecticut; BEARS/Bethel Office of Emergency Management; 1300-2100Z Sept. 25 on 7.265, 14.265, 21.365 MHz ±QRM. For certificate send SASE to J. Ritterbusch, KD1YV, 8B Kayview Ave., Bethel, CT 06891.

KC2RA, from Kings County Repeater Association’s annual 9/11 Memorial Event, a short walk from Ground Zero, New York, NY; 1300-2300Z Sept. 10 on 14.295 USB, 14.070 PSK31, 7.250 LSB, DStar REF020B, Echolink 64300. RF participants send card with SASE for commemorative QSL. KC2RA, P.O. Box 280288, Brooklyn, NY 11228. Details: <https://www.kc2ra.org>.

W2FHA, from Town of German Flatts Living History Weekend, Mohawk, NY; Ft. Herkimer ARA; 1600-2100Z Sept. 25 on 14.280 MHz (±20 kHz) and 7.280 MHz (±20 kHz). Send QSL and SASE for certificate to Christopher L. Bouck, KB4CMF, 28 West State St., Dolgeville, NY 13329 <www.fhara.net>.

K4MIA, commemorating National POW/MIA Recognition Day, Florida; 0000-2359Z Sept. 15-19 on 3.885, 7.185, 14.265, 21.300 MHz SSB, 14.070 PSK. For QSL, send QSL and SASE to Michael Bald, 6758 Hall Blvd, Loxahatchee, FL 33470. For information: <https://www.qrz.com/db/K4MIA>.

VC3M, celebrating Mississauga ARC's 25th anniversary, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 0000Z Sept. 18 to 0000Z Oct. 18 on all HF bands except no WARC bands. For certificate send QSL and $2US with return envelope to Michael Brickell, VE3TKI, 2801 Bucklepost Crescent, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 1X6. Information: <ve3tki@sympatico.ca>. Operating schedule information: VC3M on QRZ.com and <https://www.marc.on.ca>.

The following hamfests, etc., are slated for September:

Sept. 4-5, Shelby Hamfest, Dallas, North Carolina. Shelby ARC. Information: <www.shelbyhamfest.org>. (Exams)

Sept. 11, 58th Annual W9DXCC Convention, Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Information: <www.W9DXCC.com>.

Sept. 11, Virginia Beach Hamfest, Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Sept. 12, Western Connnecticut Hamfest, Edmond Town Hall, Newton, Connecticut. Contact Joe de Groot, AB1DO, phone 203-938- 4880; <www.danbury.org/cara/hamfest.html>. (Talk-in 147.30+ PL100)

Sept. 18, Rhode Island Amateur FM Repeater Service Fall Flea Market & Auction, VFW Post 6342, Forestdale (N. Smithfield), Rhode Island. Contact Rick Fairweather, K1KYI, e-mail: <k1kyi@arrl.net>, phone: 401-864-9611 from 7-8 PM only. (Talk-in 146.76)

Sept. 18, MicroHams Ham Radio Digital Conference, Microsoft Campus, Redmond, Washington. For details and registration go to <https://www.microhams.com/registration>.

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