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CQ Announcements: January 2011 The following Special Event stations are scheduled for January:

K3Y, from The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) celebration of five years of growth, to over 7200 members on CW; operation in all call areas from 0000Z Jan. 1 to 23:59Z Jan. 31 on 1.820, 3.550, 7.055, 10.120, 14.050, 18.080, 21.050, 24.910, 28.050, and 50.090 MHz (±10 kHz). Stations contacted may request a special K3Y QSL. Send name and address to: Dan Rhodes, KA3CTQ, 618 Seminole Dr, Erie, PA 16505. Contact: Roger Kepner, W6SQQ, SKCC PIO ; <www.skccgroup.com>.

W9LY, from 2011 Boy Scout Klondike Derby Camp Topenebee, Michigan City, Indiana; Michigan City ARC; 1500-2100Z Jan. 8 on 14.240, 7.240, 3.940, 14.070 PSK. QSL to Michigan City ARC, P.O. Box 148, Michigan City, IN 46361.

WØJH, from Lake Mille Lacs Ice Fishing Shack Special Event, northern Minnesota; Stillwater (Minnesota) Amateur Radio Association; 2100-2100Z Jan. 14-16 SSB on 21.358, 14.258, 7.258, 3.858 MHz. QSL certificates will only be sent via e-mail. Complete "eQSL Request Form" at: <www.radioham.org>. You do not have to send a printed QSL card. Required QSO information includes: callsign, date, time, frequency, RST report, etc. A file with 8.5 x 11 color QSL certificate suitable for printing will be sent to you via e-mail.

The following hamfests, etc., are slated for January:

Jan. 8, FirstFest Swap Meet, Summit School Athletic Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Forsyth Amateur Radio Club. Free coffee and donuts, tailgating at no additional cost, free parking. Admission $5 at gate; coupon available through . Tables must be reserved ahead of time. Information: <https://www.w4nc.org> or (336) 245-5740.

Jan. 9, Ham Radio University 2011, Briarcliffe College, Bethpage, Long Island, New York. Sponsored by the Kings County Repeater Association in conjunction with the ARRL New York City/Long Island Section. Complete details and fourm list: <https://www.HamRadioUniversity.org>.

Jan. 14-15, Cowtown Hamfest, Lockheed Martin Recreation Area, Fort Worth, Texas; Lockheed Martin ARC. Contact david Forbes, KC5UYR, e-mail: <KC5UYR@compuserve.com>; <www.cowtownhamfest.org>. (Talk-in 147.28 tone 110.9; exams Sat.)

Jan. 29, 2011 146.580 Group Albuquerque Winter Tailgate, rear parking lot of the Transcore Amtech Technology Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, contact Tom Ellis, K5TEE, at (505) 259-6281 or e-mail: <k5tee@arrl.net>.

Jan. 29, Hamfest-Raffle-Winter Field Day, Palm Springs, California; Desert Rats (WD6RAT) and Palm Springs DX Club. Info: <https://www.desertrats.am>. (Talk-in 146.940- PL 107.2)

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