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CQ Announcements: September 2012
MUKILTEO, WASHINGTON — Special Event Station K7A from 1500 to 0200 UTC September 1 and 2 to honor Vintage Aircraft Weekend, Historic Flight Foundation in Paine Field. Frequencies include 14240 and 7240. CW is available on request. QSL Jack Rookaird, KC7YE, 8260 53rd Avenue W., Condo 407, Mukilteo, WA 98275.

DALLAS, NORTH CAROLINA — Shelby Amateur Radio Club 56th Annual Shelby
September 1 and 2, 1303 Dallas-Cherryvale Highway. Contact: Ben Melvin, <chairman@shelbyhamfest.org>. Website: <https://bit.ly/IO3aeZ>. (Talk-in 146.880- or 147.120+)

WEST JORDAN, UTAH — Utah DX Association Special Event Station K7T September 1 through ther 10 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the invention of the electronic TV by Utah pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth. Frequencies include 14.250 and 7.225. QSL with a SASE to Wesley Wilkinson, W7WES, 7363 Galaxy Hill Road, West Jordan, UT 84081. Phone: (801) 347-6400. Email: <w7wes@yahoo.com>.

FINDLAY, OHIO — Findlay Radio Club 2012 Hamfest/Division Convention September 9 at the Hancock County Fairgrounds. Contact: N8ET, <n8et@woh.rr. com>. Website: <https://www.findlayradioclub.org>. (Talk-in 147.15+)

LINCOLN, CALIFORNIA — Western Placer Amateur Radio Club Fourth Annual Hamfest September 8 at McBean Park. Contact Harvey Ulijohn, KD6LND, (916) 543-9286. Email: <hulijohn@ssctv.net>. Website: <https://www.wparc.org>. Talk in 147.360+ (PL 179.9); exmas).

MENA, ARKANSAS — Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest Assn 43rd Annual Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest September 8–9 at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Contact: Randy Baggett, (479) 928-5845. Email: <kg5ne@centurytel.net>. Website: <https://menahamfest.org>. (Exams)

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — Greater Louisville Hamfest Assn. IGreater Louisville Hamfest 2012 September 8 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Center. Contact: The Greater Louisville Hamfest Association, P.O. Box 34444, Louisville, Kentucky 40232-4444. Website: <https://louisvillehamfest.com/info.htm>. (Talk-in 146.700 (PL 79.7); exams).

SPRINGFIELD, NEBRASKA — Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club Flea-Esta September 8 at the Sarpy County Fair Grounds. Contact: Pat Joseph, (402) 492-9156. Email: <flea@aksarbenarc.org>. Website: <https://www.aksarbenarc.org>.

WYOMING, MICHIGAN — Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association GRAHamfest 2012, September 8 at The Home School Building. Contact: Rich Douglas (evenings only), KC8NKA, (616) 531-6218. Website: <https://www.grahamfest.org>. Talk-in 147.26+ (PL 94.8); exams.

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT — Candlewood Amateur Radio Association Western CT Hamfest September 9 at the Edmond Town Hall Contact: Joe de Groot, AB1DO, 30 Sunnyview Drive, Redding, CT 06896. (203) 938-4880. Email: <ab1do@arrl.net>. Website: <https://bit.ly/IEVzAM>. Talk-in 147.300+ (PL 100).

BELVEDERE, ILLINOIS — Chicago FM Club Radio Expo 2012 September 15 at the Boone County Fairgrounds Contact: Chicago FM Club, 6348 N. Milwaukee Avenue, #103, Chicago, IL 60646. (630) 847-5317. Email: <cfmc.radioexpo@yahoo.com>. Talk-in 146.76 (PL 107.2); exams.

CAMERON, MISSOURI — Missouri Valley Amateur Radio Club, NWMO ARES Group, and KCØGP Pony Express Hamfest September 15 at the United Methodist ChurchContact: WAØRTU, <wa0rtu@arrl.net>. Website: <https://ponyexpresshamfest.webs.com>. Talk-in 146.895- (PL 114.8) or 442.675+ (PL 127.3).

RICHMOND, KENTUCKY — Central Kentucky Amateur Radio Society Central Kentucky Hamfest September 15, at the Madison County Fair GroundsContact Mike Rogers, KE4ISW, 144 Allen Douglas Drive, Richmond, KY 40475. (859) 575-2199. Email: <ke4isw@arrl.net>. Website: <https://bit.ly/K7Gwm4>. Talk-in 145.370- (PL 192.8); exams.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA — Tidewaters Radio Conventions, Inc., Virginia Beach Hamfest & Electronic/Computer Flea Market and ARRL Virginia Section Convention September 15 at the Virginia Beach Convention CenterContact: Bill Holland, WA4EUL, 833 Earl of Chesterfield Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Email: <wa4eul@arrl.net>. Website: <https://www.vbhamfest.com>. Talk-in 146.970; exmas.

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN — Adrian Amateur Radio Club 39th Annual Hamfest and Computer Show September 16 at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds Contact: Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z, (517) 423-5906. Email: <cqnu8z@comcast.net>. Website: <https://www.w8tqe.com>. Talk-in 145.370- (PL 85.4); exams.

CINCINNATI, OHIO — Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association GCARA Hamfest September 16 at the Diamond Oaks Career Development CenterContact Stan Cohen, W8QDQ, (513) 531-1011. Fax: (513) 531-3834. Email: <hokie49@zoomtown.com>. Website: <https://www.hamfest.gcara.org/>. Talk-in 145.270- (PL 123.0) or 148.880- (PL 123.0); exams.

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA — Suncoast Amateur Radio Club Pasco County Hamfest September 22 at the Gunn Highway Flea MarketContact: Ron, N9EE, (352) 683-4476. Email: <wa4t@arrl.net>.

PEORIA, ILLINOIS — Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club wPeoria Superfest and ARRL Illinois State Convention September 22 and 23 at the Exposition Gardens Contact: Peoria Superfest, PO Box 3608, Peoria, IL 61612-3508. Website: <https://www.peoriasuperfest.com>. Talk-in 147.075+ (PL 103.5); exams.

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — 36th Annual Spokane Hamfest and ARRL Washington State Convention Saturday, September 22 at University High School. Contact: Bob Meenach, AC7GP, (509) 327-3188. Email: <spokanehamfest@comcast.net>. Website: <https://spokanehamfest.com>. Talk-in 147.24+; exams.

BARNSLEY, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND — 22nd Annual Great Northern Hamfest September 23 at the Metrodome Leisure Complex. Contact: Ernie Bailey, G4LUE, 8 Hild Avenue, Cudworth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S72 8RN.

SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE — 13th Annual TEN-TEC Factory Hamfest September 28 and 29 at the Ten-Tec factory. Website: <https://bit.ly/KfDGfM>. Talk-in 145.470 or 146.940 or 443.225; exams.

CLEVELAND, OHIO — Hamfest Association of Cleveland, Inc. 38th Annual Cleveland Hamfest and Computer Show September 30 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. Contact: Hamfest Association of Cleveland, Inc., P.O. Box 81252, Cleveland, Ohio 44181-0252. (800) CLE-FEST. Website: <https://www.hac.org>. Talk-in 146.73- (PL 110.9) or 444.900+ (PL 131.8); exams.

Please submit hamfest and special event announcements at least three months in advance by e-mail to <hamfest@cq-amateur-radio.com> or <specialevent@cq-amateur-radio.com>, or by postal mail to: CQ Magazine, Attn: Hamfests (or Special Events), 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801.

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