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CQ May 2013 - On the Cover If you worked KN2M during last fall’s CQ World-Wide DX CW Contest (results in this issue), this is where the signals originated. However, Dave Rodman shares the station near Buffalo, New York, with his wife, Diane, N2HIW, who graces our cover this month. Diane, a Registered Nurse, says she has ham radio in her blood, since her father is also an amateur radio operator (N5GEH). She says she first became interested in ham radio as a challenge to conquer the code! Diane feels the hobby is a great way to meet people, “visit” new places, and stay connected. She has also been on several DXpeditions. N2HIWThe station she and Dave share has three operating positions, each set up for single-operator, two-radio (SO2R) contesting. She also enjoys rag-chewing, recalling a Christmas Day QSO last year with a station in Australia while running 50 watts on PSK-31 to a SteppIR vertical antenna. There are other antennas to choose from, though, since the station has two 140-foot towers, with stacked arrays for 15 and 20 meters on the front tower, as well as a 40-meter Yagi, the SteppIR (at 110 feet), a tribander, and a stacked array for 10 meters on the back tower. The station is also home to the local DX Cluster node. And if that’s not enough, Diane says the entire station “is virtually 100% remote controlled, including antenna switching and stack selection. All of the antennas rotate, the amplifier operates, and logging can be done virtually from anywhere in the world. We can even change the direction of the listening antennas!” She adds, “This is a very complex, comprehensive, and intricate system, and believe me, I always ask for assistance!” Additional information about the station may be found on KN2M’s page on QRZ.com. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)
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