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CQ June 2013 - On the Cover Sarasota County Auxiliary Communications ServiceField Day for the Sarasota County Auxiliary Communications Service in Florida last year was a multimedia event, with traditional SSB and CW contacts on the radio while live video of the operation was streamed over the Internet using a webcam, an air card and the LiveStream video streaming site. The group operated 2A from Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota, as WC4EM. Operators in the foreground are Dick Hullfish, KI4EFJ (left), and Dan Cartlidge, WD4DC (right), at the SSB position. The CW station is in the background. According to group coordinator and Sarasota County Emergency Coordinator Ron Wetjen, WD4AHZ, the group has some 20 members, although about half are “snowbirds,” who come to Florida only during the winter. Field Day is supposed to be an emergency communications exercise, and this group got plenty of training last year, as the calm weather you see in the cover photo was soon replaced by the howling winds and torrential rains of Tropical Storm Debbie. The photo on this page, taken the following day by George Wagner, K5KG, shows Ed Garsen, K8DSS (holding the umbrella) and Bill Franklin, K4FLV, trying to stay dry and keep operating as long as possible. According to George, the group decided to shut down and head for home about a half-hour after this photo was taken. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI; interior photo by George Wagner, K5KG)
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