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<= Back to Dayton New Products AOR Introduces AR6000
40 kHz ~ 6 GHz Wide Range Receiver
AOR AR6000The new professional-grade AR6000 receiver from AOR USA tunes continuously from 40 kilohertz to 6 gigahertz in a wide variety of modes, with the added capability of an optional I/Q output that can capture up to one megahertz of bandwidth onto a storage device for later listening or signal analysis. With exceptional tuning accuracy (1 Hz) and sensitivity throughout its tuning range, which begins at the floor of the radio spectrum up through microwave frequencies that can be used for land-based or satellite communications, the AR6000 has two antenna ports, with the added capability of operating an optional remote antenna selector from the front panel of the receiver. Standard modes include AM, FM, WFM, FM Stereo, USB, LSB and CW. An optional module can add the capability to receive APCO25 digital communications. In addition to monitoring and technical service applications, the AR6000 can be used by law and public safety agencies, military services, diplomatic installations and for surveillance purposes. Complete specifications can be found at https://aorusa.com/receivers/ar6000.html.
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