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CQ August 2013 - On the Cover Philip
Cauffman, KB3MAWHam radio was “one of those things on my ‘bucket list’ to do,” says Philip Cauffman, KB3MAW, of Elverson, Pennsylvania, adding, “I just did it.” Cauffman says he was always interested in amateur radio and finally got around to becoming a ham about seven years ago. It was his ex-fatherin- law, who’s also a ham, says Philip, who “really got me going,” and gave him a Kenwood TS-440 (since replaced by a Yaesu FT-920) to get started. “We’re still very good friends,” he notes. Cauffman says his main operating interest is 20-meter DXing, along with 6 meters (when it’s open) and VHF nets for his local club, the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club. Philip says he’s confirmed nearly 150 countries with the Alpha Delta DXCC dipole strung from his 35-foot tower, which also supports Cushcraft beams for 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters, and a separate 80-meter dipole. “Ham radio has exceeded my expectations,” he added. “I’ve talked to people all over the world and love every minute of it. I’ve had no bad experiences.” Outside of ham radio, Cauffman is a sawdust broker, selling sawdust to horse farms. “I do it all,” he explains, from finding new accounts to loading and unloading trucks. He also feels a responsibility to educate the next generation of hams, noting that “educating young people is the key to keeping the hobby active.” (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)
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