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CQ Announcements: October 2013 BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY – Kentucky Colonels Amateur Radio Club Vette City Hamfest, Saturday, October 5 at the Sloan Convention Center, 1021 Wilkinson Trace. Contact: Ed Gann, N4HID, (270) 843-8911; e-mail: <edwardgann@insightbb.com>; <https://www.vettecityhamfest.com>. (Talk-in 147.33 [PL 107.2]; VE exams 9 a.m.).

PETOSKEY, MICHIGAN – Straits Area Amateur Radio Club Swap and Foxhunt, Saturday, October 5 at the Emmanuel Evangelical Church, 620 Emmet Street. Activities include a swap meet from 8 to 11 a.m. and a foxhunt from 1 to 3 p.m. Contact: Straits Area ARC, 120 E. Lake Street, Petoskey, MI 49770; phone: (231) 487-0692; fax: (231) 487-0313. Dirk Esterline, KJ8JK, (231) 348-5043; e-mail: <kg8jk@qsl.net>. (Talk-in 146.68 [PL 110.9])

TALMADGE, PENNSYLVANIA – Red Rose Repeater Association W3RRR 2013 Ham Fest, Saturday, October 5 at the West Earl Community Park. Contact: Dave, (717) 392-7252; e-mail: <w3cwe@comcast.net>; <https://www.w3rrr.org>. (Talk-in 147.015+ [PL 118.8]; VE exams 9 to 11 a.m.)

WICHITA, KANSAS – Valley Center Amateur Radio Club 2013 Wichita Area Hamfest, Saturday, October 5 at the RiverWalk Church of Christ. Contact: Steve Periman, NØYYI, (316) 617-1658 or Bruce Darley, KKØS, (316) 744-3555. E-mail: <wichitaareahamfest2013@gmail.com>; <https://www.vcarc.org>. (Talk-in 146.94–; VE exams 9 a.m.)

WEST FRIENDSHIP, MARYLAND –Columbia Amateur Radio Association 2013 CARAFest & ARRL Maryland State Convention, Sunday, October 6 at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Vendors contact: David Parkinson, KB3VDY, (443) 492-9501; e-mail: <vendorsales@carafest.org>. General contact: CARA, P.O. Box 911, Columbia, MD 21044; e-mail: <info@carafest.org>; <https://www.carafest.org>. (VE exams)

WEST LIBERTY, IOWA – Muscatine and Washington Area Amateur Radio Clubs Southeast Iowa Hamfest, October 6 at the Muscatine County Fairgrounds. Contact: Tom Brehmer, NØLOH, 1114 East Tenth Street, Muscatine, IA 52761; phone: (563) 263-3097; e-mail: <n0loh@arrl.org>; <https://kc0aqs.org/hamfest.html>. (Talk-in 146.31+ (PL 192.8) or 146.16+; VE exams 9:30 a.m.)

MOSES LAKE, WASHINGTON – Pacific Northwest VHF Society 19th Annual Pacific Northwest VHF-UHF-Microwave Conference, Friday, October 11–13, at the Best Western Lake Front. Contact: PNW VHF Society, P.O. Box 147, Fox Island, WA 98333. Jim, K7ND, <secretary@pnwvhfs.org>; <https://www.pnwvhfs.org/>.

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA –Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club Pacificon 2013 & ARRL Pacific Division, October 11–13 at the Santa Clara Marriott. Special event station W6P will be on the air. Contact: Misa Siemons, KJ6BUE, phone (925) 945-8007; e-mail: <misa@siemons.com>; <https://www.pacificon.org>. (Talk-in 147.060+ [PL 100], 441.325+ [PL 100], 145.390+ [PL 100], 443.225+ [PL 100], or 443.975+ [PL 100]; VE exams.

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY – Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society Hamfest by the Shore, Saturday, October 12 at Pine Park, 500 Country Club Drive. Contact: JSARS, P.O. Box 295, Toms River, NJ 08754. Phone: (732) 237-9448; e-mail: <jsars910@gmail.com>; <https://www.jsars.org>. (Talk-in 146.910– [PL 127.3]; VE exams 10 a.m.)

TOWNSHIP OF WASHINGTON, NEW JERSEY – Bergen Amateur Radio Association B.A.R.A. Fall Hamfest, Saturday, October 12 at the Westwood Regional High School. Contact: Jim Joyce, K2ZO, 286 Ridgewood Blvd. No., Westwood, NJ 07675; phone: (201) 664-6725; e-mail: <k2zo@arrl.net>; <https://www.bara.org>. (Talk-in 146.19+ [PL 141.3]; VE exams from 8 to 10 a.m.)

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – Amateur Radio Club of Augusta Hamfest, Saturday, October 12 at the Blythe Area Recreation Center. Contact: Doug, KE4JSJ, (803) 279-6725; e-mail: <doug9945@yahoo.com>; <https://www.w4dv.org>. (Talk-in 145.490–; VE exams 9 a.m.)

KINGMAN, ARIZONA – Mohave Amateur Radio Club (K7MPR) 7thAnnual HamFest from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, October 12 at the Centennial Park. Contact: Bill Smith, (928) 303-9857; e-mail: <bill1021@gmail.com>. Kevin Walsh, (928) 514-4237; e-mail: <kd7hve@msn.com>. Website: <https://www.k7mpr.net>. (Talk-in 147.240+ [PL 123] or 448.550– [PL 123]; VE exams at noon)

LAGRANGE, GEORGIA – LaGrange ARC La Grange Hamfest, Saturday, October 12 at the Oakside Baptist Church, 1921 Hamilton Road. Contact: Anna Pike, (256) 294-4022; e-mail: <lagrangehamfest@yahoo.com>; <https://www.lagrangeradioclub.org>. (Talk-in 146.70– [PL 141.3]; VE exams 11 a.m.)

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA –Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society (PCARS) 48th Annual Melbourne Hamfest & 2013 ARRL Florida State Convention, October 12–13 at the Melbourne Auditorium. Contact: PCARS Melbourne Hamfest, P.O. Box 1004, Melbourne, FL 32902-1004; e-mail: <hamfest2013@pcars.org>; <https://pcars.org/hamfest/2013/>. (Talk-in 146.25+; VE exams 9 a.m. on Saturday only)

FLUSHING, NEW YORK –Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, October 13 at the N.Y. Hall of Science Parking Lot. Contact: Stephen Greenbaum, WB2KDG, (718) 898-5599 (nights only); email: <wb2kdg@arrl.net>; <https://www.hosarc.org>.

HUBERTUS, WISCONSIN – Southeastern Wisconsin FM Amateur Repeater Society Inc. (SEWFARS) Swapfest, Sunday, October 13 at the Richfield Chalet. Contact: SEWFARS Swapfest, P.O. Box 105, Eagle, WI 53119; (262) 742-4903; e-mail: <sewfars@hotmail.com>; <https://www.sewfars.com>. (Talk-in 146.82– [PL 127.3])

MERIDEN, CONNCECTICUT – Meriden Amateur Radio Club 21st Annual Nutmeg Hamfest & 2013 ARRL Connecticut State Convention, Sunday, October 13 at the Sheraton Four-Points Hotel. Vendors contact: John Bee, N1GNV, 387 So. Colony Street, Meriden, CT 06451; phone: (203) 440-4973 (days only); e-mail: <jbee@qsradio.com> or <nutfest@qsradio.com>; <https://www.nutmeghamfest.com>. (Talk-in 146.36+; VE exams)

BELTON, MISSOURI – South Side Amateur Radio Club (SSARC) October, Saturday, October 19 at the St. Sabina Catholic Church Gym. Contact: SSARC, P.O. Box 701, Grandview, MO 64030; email: <southsidearc@hotmail.com>. (Talk-in 147.12+ [PL 151.4])

MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN – Michigan Area Amateur Radio Council&Muskegon County RACES 2nd Annual Muskegon Color Tour Hamfest, Saturday, October 19 at the Fellowship Reformed Church, 4200 Apple Avenue. Contact: MCECS, P.O. Box 386, Fruitport, MI 49415. Jim Duram (231) 638-7010. Website: <https://www.mcecs.net>. (Talk-in 146.820 [PL 94.8]; VE exams)

PAPILLION, NEBRASKA – 3900 Club 40th Anniversary Roundup 2013, Saturday, October 19 at the American Legion Post 32. Contact: Tom Huber, WDØBFO, 7518 Chandler Hills Drive, Bellevue, NE 68147-2108.; phone: (402) 990-5135; e-mail: <wd0bfo@gmail.com>; <https://www.3900club.com>. (Talk-in 147.39+)

ROME, GEORGIA – Northwest Georgia Amateur Radio Club Al Brock Memorial Hamfest/ Tailgate, Saturday, October 19 at the Rome Senior CenterContact: Grover Keith, KA5QFI, (706) 766- 1118; e-mail: <ka5qfikeith@aol.com>; <https://www.w4vo.org>. (Talk-in 146.940– [PL 88.5]; VE exams)

WORLDWIDE — The Boy Scouts of America 56th Annual Jamboree on the Air from Saturday, October 19 to Sunday, October 20. Worldwide participation in 2012 approached 700,000 scouts across 142 countries. A patch will be available. Contact: Jim Wilson, K5ND, <jim.wilson@scouting.org>. Website: <https://www.scouting.org/jota>.

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN – Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club & Southwest Michigan Amateur Radio Team 31st Annual Kalamazoo, Sunday, October 20 at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center & Fairgrounds. Contact: Kalamazoo Hamfest, P.O. Box 33, Richland, MI 49083-0033; phone: (269) 388- 4865; e-mail: <info@kalamazoohamfest.com>; <https://www.kalamazoohamfest.com>. (Talk-in 147.040 [PL 94.8]; VE exams 10 a.m.)

SELLERSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA – RF Hill Amateur Radio Club 37th Annual RF Hill Amateur Radio Club, Sunday, October 20 at the Sellersville Fire House, 50 N. Main Street. Contact: Jim Soete, WA3YLQ, P.O. Box 336, Perkasie, PA 18944; phone: (215) 723-7294; Fax: (215) 257-0724; e-mail: <wa3ylq@arrl.net>; <https://www.rfhill.ampr.org>. (Talk-in 145.31– [PL 131.8]; VE exams 10 a.m.)

ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA – Texoma Hamarama Association Texoma Hamarama Family Funfest, October 25–26 at the Ardmore Convention Center. Contact: Texoma Hamarama Association, P.O. Box 773, Caddo Mills, TX 75135. Henry Allen, W5TYD, (800) 588-2841; email: <w5tyd@arrl.net>; <https://www.texomahamarama.org>. (VE exams)

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE – Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club 34th Annual Hamfest Chattanooga, Saturday, October 26 at the Alhambra Building. Contact Wayne James, WB4IEJ, (423) 504-4225; e-mail: <hamfest@w4am.org>; <https://www.hamfestchattanooga.org>. (Talk-in 146.790–; VE exams 10 a.m.)

GEORGETOWN, DELAWARE – Sussex Amateur Radio Association Delmarva Amateur Radio & Electronics Expo & ARRL Delaware State Convention, Saturday, October 26 at the Sussex Technical High School. Contact: Bill, KB3KYH, (302) 537-4755; <https://www.radioelectronicsexpo.com>. (Talk-in 147.090 [PL 156.7]; VE exams)

HAZARD KENTUCKY – Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club Hazard, Saturday, October 26 at the Hazard/Perry County Senior Center. General contact: John Farler, K4AVX, (606) 476-9662; e-mail: <k4avx@arrl.net>; <https://kmarc.net>. (Talk-in 146.07+ [PL 103.5]; VE exams)

KIRKWOOD, MISSOURI – Saint Louis Amateur Radio Club 22nd Annual Halloween Hamfest, Saturday, October 26 at the Kirkwood Community Center. Contact: Bob Sluder, NØIS, (636) 285-7605. Steve Welton, WØSLW, (314) 941-8500. Website: <https://www.halloweenhamfest.org/>. (Talk-in 147.15; VE exams 8:30 a.m.)

SOCORRO, NEW MEXICO – Tech Amateur Radio Association, Socorro Amateur Radio Association, West Mountain Radio, and the City of Socorro, Socorro Hamfest, Saturday, October 26 at the New Mexico Fire Fighters Academy. Contact: Socorro Hamfest, (575) 835-3370; e-mail: <ac5bx@juno.com>; <https://www.socorroara.org>. (Talk-in 146.68– [PL 100]; VE exams 11 a.m.)

ARANSAS PASS, TEXAS – The South Texas Amateur Radio Club 15th Annual Coastal Bend Hamfest, November 1–2 at the Aransas Pass Civic Center. E-mail: <hamfest@n5crp.org>. Website: <https://www.n5crp.org/hamfest>. (Talk-in 146.820– (PL 107.2); VE exams)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – Alford Memorial Radio Club Stone Mountain Hamfest & Computer Expo, November 2–3 at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. Contact: AMRC, P.O. Box 1282, Stone Mountain, GA 30086-1282; phone: (855) 786-8643; Fax: (678) 228-1885; e-mail: <hamfest@stonemountainhamfest.com>; <https://www.stonemountainhamfest.com>. (Talk-in 146.760– [PL 107.2] or 145.450–)

LEESBURG, FLORIDA – Lake Amateur Radio Association Hamfest, Saturday, November 2 at 11146 Springdale Avenue. Contact: Mike Walker, K9SSL, <k9ssl@arrl.net>; <https://www.k4fc.org>.

MASSILLON, OHIO – Massillon Amateur Radio Club 53rd Annual Hamfest, Sunday, November 3 at the Massillon Boy’s & Girls Club. Contact: Terry Russ, N8ATZ, 3420 Briardale Drive NW, Massillon, OH 44646. Phone: (330) 837-3091; e-mail: <truss@sssnet.com>; <https://www.w8np.org>. (Talk-in 147.18+; VE exams 9 a.m.)

WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA – Washington Amateur Communications WACOM 2013 Hamfest, Sunday, November 3 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Contact: Bud Plants, N3TIR, (724) 350-6745; e-mail: <bud@n3tir.com>; <https://www.wacomarc.org>. (Talkin 146.790; VE exams 10 a.m.)

LEBANON, MISSOURI – Lebanon Amateur Radio Club 2013 ARRL Midwest, November 8–9 at the Cowan Civic Center. Activities include forums on DXing/contesting, emergency preparedness/communications, technical aspects of ham radio; guest speakers Dave Sumner, Bob Heil, Gordon West, Bill Pasternak, Carol Perry, and Astronaut Steven Nagel; a Kansas City Pileup contest; a radio beauty contest; and prizes. Website: <https://www.arrlmidwestconvention. com/>. (Talk-in 146.700–)

Please submit hamfest and special event announcements at least three months in advance by e-mail to <hamfest@cq-amateur-radio.com> or <specialevent@cq-amateur-radio.com>, or by postal mail to: CQ Magazine, Attn: Hamfests (or Special Events), 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801.

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