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CQ October 2013

Digital Edition

The October issue of CQ is our third annual Emergency Communications Special, and our offerings this year include technical, operational and human aspects of this essential part of amateur radio.

Emergency Communications Special

We start down in Florida, at WX4NHC, the amateur radio station at the National Hurricane Center, where Public Service Editor Richard Fisher, KI6SN, reports that "Hurricane Season" lasts all year! Then we move to southern New Jersey, where Cory Sickles, WA3UVV, discusses the relationships behind the growth and success of SCERN, the South Counties Emergency Radio Network. Next, we move to northern New Jersey, the site of growing activity using HSMM-MESH networking (now called Broadband-Hamnet). Gordon Beattie, W2TTT, describes how an ad-hoc HSMM-MESH network was born and continues to grow. Then we go to SATERN … no, not the ringed planet, but the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network, which responds to emergencies and disasters all over the United States and Canada, as well as other places where the Salvation Army is active.

EmComm Special columns include "Public Service" (of course), in which column editor Richard Fisher, KI6SN, cites "Five Examples of how EmComm Practice Can Make EmComm Perfect;" "Magic in the Sky," in which columnist Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR, discusses "Finesse" in building EmComm relationships - sort of a follow-on to WA3UVV's article noted above - and "CQ World Wide," in which International Editor Tom Smerk, AA6TS, devotes considerable space to ham radio's response to major flooding in India.


It's Not Just EmComm …

There are plenty of non-EmComm-related articles in this issue of CQ as well. We've got our annual update of all-time records from the CQ World Wide DX Contest (don't forget this year's running - the SSB weekend at the end of October, and the SSB weekend on the fourth weekend in November). Plus, we have some updates to the rules for the CQ WPX Awards.

If you've ever been bothered by intentional interference (and very few of us haven't), we've got a fascinating look at the "Psychology of the QRMer," by psychologist Jim Millner, WB2REM. Contributing Editor Gordon West, WB6NOA, reviews version 6.0 of the Ham Radio Deluxe software suite, which includes modules for logging, rig control, digital modes, satellite tracking and more. And Bill Karle, VE4KZ, recounts his journey to earning DXCC … which he didn't start until he'd been a ham for more than 50 years!

Returning to our columns for the month, "Math's Notes" editor Irwin Math, WA2NDM, looks at "Using the 555 in Power Supply Applications" and "Learning Curve" editor Ron Ochu, KO0Z, looks at the differences between different types and grades of feedlines and connectors.

QRP Editor Cam Hartford, N6GA, writes this month about "QRP Fun with the iPad" while Kit-Building Editor Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, looks at "A Probe and a Slice of Pi to Go" and "Digital Connection" editor Don Rotolo, N2IRZ, explores the world of 3D printing.

"VHF-Plus" editor Joe Lynch, N6CL, reports on the launch of an amateur television transmitter to the International Space Station, DX Editor Wayne Mills, N7NG, discusses the "DXPP," or "DX Paying Passenger," while Awards Editor Ted Melinosky, K1BV, looks at the Worked All Indiana award as well as "wallpaper" opportunities from Brazil and Europe. Finally, Contesting Editor George Tranos, N2GA, discusses how transceiver selection affects contesting performance, and Propagation Editor Tomas Hood, NW7US, looks at conditions to expect in October and predicts good conditions for the CQWW SSB contest weekend on October 26-27.


That's a brief look at what's coming up in the October issue of CQ magazine, which should be on newsstands, in print subscribers' mailboxes and available online to digital subscribers by October 1. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber, Click Here. Coming soon: 2014-2015 CQ Calendars! Order your advance copy now!

Articles from the October, 2013 issue of CQ posted on our website include:
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All-Time Records, CQ World Wide DX Contest
October 2013 Contest Calendar
October 2013 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover:Portable antennas are key to amateur radio emergency communications, and the Manatee County Emergency Support Group in Bradenton, Florida is well-prepared. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI) ->Full "On the Cover" Story
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