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CQ February 2014 - On the Cover Dave Clausen, W2VVDave Clausen, W2VV, is a co-founder of the NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, New York—the first “makerspace” in the United States—and trustee of its club ham station, N2YCR, where he is operating in the photo. A ham since 2008, Dave’s main interests are QRP (appropriate for our QRP Special!), portable operating, and activating summits for SOTA, the Summits on the Air program. He also enjoys building kits. Dave’s interest in ham radio came out of his involvement in NYC Resistor, which he helped to found in 2007. “I had no particular interest in radio,” he recalls, noting that his main interest at the time was working with microcontrollers. “But one guy in the club had his license; I got mine, and so did others.” Dave notes that the maker group is not a ham radio club as such, although there is a ham club that’s part of it (N2YCR), and that there’s “lots of overlap.” Dave says he sees more interest and excitement about ham radio among younger people today than five to ten years ago, and thinks one way to recruit more young people is through broaderbased groups, such as a maker group, that include ham radio as part of their activities. For readers who are not familiar with makerspaces or hackerspaces, Dave describes NYC Resistor as part clubhouse, part social group, part workspace with shared tools, and part business incubator. Several businesses have gotten their start there, he explains, most notably MakerBot, of which fellow co-founder Bre Pettis, W2BRE, is CEO. The group sponsors classes and holds weekly craft nights, which are open to the public as well as to members. A software engineer for Google, Dave also has been the cameraman for many of the popular ham radio videos produced by his wife and fellow NYC Resistor co-founder Diana Eng, KC2UHB. And yes, they met at the club! (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)
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