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CQ On The Cover Mach/April 2014

Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES ® )Yes, the tower section in this months cover photo is supposed to be lying on its side. Its attached to the roof of the new Lake County Emergency Communications & Operations Center (ECOC ) in Tavares, Florida, and the center ’s various antennas — including those for the Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES® ) — are attached to the horizontal tower section. “This will minimize the chances of (antennas) being destroyed in strong winds, ” says Ted Luebbers, K1AYZ, of LCARES. The area, of course, is frequently in the path of hurricanes, and the building was designed to withstand wind speeds as high as 175 miles per hour.

Lake County ARES has two operating positions in the new ECOC, which also includes the 911 call center for several area communities and the Sheriff’s Department dispatch center. Two hams on the Sheriff’s Department staff were instrumental in determining what equipment would be used at the two ARES positions, each of which includes HF, VHF and UHF amateur gear as well as public safety radios.

In the photo, LCARES members were getting a guided tour of the new facility, from top to bottom. For more details and more photos, see this month’s “Public Service” column on page 56. (Cover photo by Ted Luebbers, K1AYZ)

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