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CQ Announcements: May 2014

TEMPE ARIZONA — The Central Arizona DX Association will hold its Annual Summer BBQ on Thursday, May 1. Contact: CADXA, 2217 West Del Oro Circle, Mesa, AZ 85202-2615. Phone: (480) 721-1714.

DEERFIELD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The New England Amateur Radio Festival Inc. will hold NEARfest from Friday, May 2 to Saturday, May 3. Vendor contact: John M. Goran, K1JJS, (207) 865-0554 or (207) 232-4892. Email: <john@goran-maine.us>. Website: <https://www.near-fest.com>.

CADILLAC, MICHIGAN — The Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club (WARC) will hold its 52nd Annual Cadillac Amateur Radio and Computer Swap Saturday, May 3. Contact: WARC, P.O. Box 163, Cadillac, MI 49601. Website: <https://www.wexaukeearc.org/>. VE exams.

CEDERBURG, WISCONSIN — The Ozaukee Radio Club, Inc. will hold its 36th Annual Indoor Amateur Radio, Electronics & Computer Spring Swapfest Saturday, May 3. Contact: Loren Jentz, N9ENR, 1213 Woodbridge Drive, Apt. 1, Grafton, WI 53024. Phone: (262) 377-7941. Website: <https://www.ozaukeeradioclub.org>.

CLARKSVILLE. TENNESSEE — The Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society, Inc. will hold the CATS Tail-Gate 2014 Saturday, May 3. Website: <https://www.kf4l.org>.

COCHISE COUNTY, ARIZONA — The Chocise Amateur Radio Association of Sierra Vista, Arizona will hold the Cochise Hamfest and 7th Region Phone/CW/Digital Communications Exercise Saturday, May 3. Contact: Charles, K4AFN, (520) 458-1997. Email: <k4afn@arrl.net>. Website: <https://www.k7rdg.org>. Talk-in 146.76- (PL 162.2). VE exams.

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND — The Antietam Radio Association will hold the Hagerstown Hamfest Saturday, May 3. Contact: Herman Niedzielski, K2AVA, (301) 791-5841. Email: <k2ava@myactv.net>. Website: <https://w3cwc.org>. Talk-in 147.090+ or 146.94-. VE exams.

SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN — The Arrowhead Radio Amateur Club will hold its annual Ham Fest! Saturday, May 3. Contact: Robert Schultz, KCØNFB, 115 Eden Lane, Duluth, MN 55805-1533. Phone (218) 724-6957. Email: <arac_hamfest@charter.net>. Talk-in 146.940- (PL 103.5), 147.000- (PL 103.5), or 146.940- (PL 114.8). VE exams.

TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS — The Four States Amateur Radio Club will hold its 2014 Ham Fest Saturday, May 3. Website: <https://www.4sarc.org>. Talk-in 146.620- (PL 100). VE exams.

SANDWICH, ILLINOIS — The Kishwaukee Amateur Radio Club will hold The DeKalb Hamfest Sunday, May 4. Contact: Bob Yurs, W9ICU, (815) 895-7584. Email: <w9icu@arrl.net>. Website: <https://www.karc-club.org>. Talkin 146.730- (PL 100) or 146.52 simplex.

WRIGHTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA — The Warminster Amateur Radio Club will hold its 2014 Hamfest Sunday, May 4. Contact: Rich Luce, AG3L, (215) 703-8264. Email: <hamfest14@k3dn.org>. Website: <https://www.k3dn.org>. Talk-in 147.09+ (PL 131.8) or 443.95+ (PL 131.8). VE exams

LOUISA, KENTUCKY — The Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club will hold the Louisa Hamfest 2014 Saturday, May 10. Contact: Tom Lykins, K4LID, (606) 638-4735. Email: <k4lid@panix.xom>. Website: <https://www.bsarc.org>. Talk-in 147.390+.

EAST GREENBUSH, NEW YORK — The East Greenbush Amateur Radio Association (W2EGB) will hold its 11th Annual Hamfest Saturday, May 10. Contact: Tom, KC2FCP, <kc2fcp@nycap.rr.com>. Website: <https://www.w2egb.org>. Talk-in 147.270+ (PL 94.8).

DAYTON, OHIO — The Dayton Amateur Radio Association will hold the 2014 Dayton Hamvention® Friday, May 16; Saturday, May 17; and Sunday, May 18. Phone: (937) 276-6930. Email: <info@hamvention.com>. Website: <https://www.hamvention.com>. Talk-in 149.94–, 146.91–, 223.94–. or 442.1+. VE exams.

DAYTON, OHIO — The SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) will hold its 29th Annual DX Dinner Friday, May 16. Website: <https://www.swodxaevents.org>.

TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY — The Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society will hold the Hamfest by the Shore Sunday, May 18. Contact: Darlene, (732) 237-9448. Email <jsars910@gmail.com>. Website: <https://www.jsars.org>. Talk-in 146.910– (PL 127.3). VE exams.

BAHAMA, NORTH CAROLINA — The Durham FM Association will hold its 40th Annual DurHamFest Saturday, May 24. Contact: Paul Van Doren, KE4OXN, (919) 309-2457. Email: <elivand@aol.com>. Website: <https://dfma.org>. Talk-in 147.225+ or 145.450–. VE exams.

TOWNSHIP OF WASHINGTON, NEW JERSEY — The Bergen Amateur Radio Association will hold the BARA Spring Hamfest Saturday, May 24. Contact: Jim Joyce, K2ZO, (201) 664-6725. Email: <k2zo@arrl.net>. Website: <https://www.bara.org>. Talk-in 146.19+ (PL 141.3). VE exams.

LEXINGTON, NEBRASKA — The Heartland Amateur Radio Association (WØSOK) will hold its Flea Market Saturday, May 31. Contact: Hoppy Hopkins, W4YDN, (308) 858-4614. Email: <rhoppy@gpcom.net>. Talk-in 147.135+. VE exams.

Please submit hamfest and special event announcements at least three months in advance by e-mail to <hamfest@cq-amateur-radio.com> or <specialevent@cq-amateur-radio.com>, or by postal mail to: CQ Magazine, Attn: Hamfests (or Special Events), 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801.

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