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CQ July 2014 - Contest Calendar
All year CQ DX Marathon  
June 28-29 ARRL Field Day
June 28-29 King of Spain SSB Contest
June 28-29 Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest
June 30-July 6 10-10 Int. Spirit of 76 QSO Party
July 1 RAC Canada Day Contest
July 5-6 Marconi Memorial HF Contest
July 5-6 DL-DX RTTY Contest
July 5-6 Original QRP Contest
July 5-6 Venezuelan Ind. Day Contest (Note: As of mid-May, 2014 rules had not yet been posted; date is based on 2013 weekend; please check website for update)
July 6 DARC 10 Meter Digital Contest
July 11 FIST Summer Sprint
July 12-13 IARU HF Championship
July 19-20 CQ WW VHF Contest
July 19-20 DMC RTTY Contest
July 19-20 North American RTTY QSO Party
July 26-27 MARAC QSO Party
July 26-27 RSGB IOTA Contest
Aug. 2 European HF Championship
Aug. 2-3 North American CW QSO Party
Aug. 2-3 ARRL UHF Contest
Aug. 2-3 10-10 Int’l Summer Contest SSB
Aug. 3 SARL HF Phone Contest
Sept. 27-28 CQ WW RTTY DX Contest
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