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CQ On The Cover August 2014

Arne Gjerning, N7KA, of Corrales, New MexicoWhen we talked with Arne Gjerning, N7KA, he had just finished soldering connectors onto hardline, assembly-linestyle, as part of a project to remote all of his antenna switching.

This is no small effort, considering that hes got 9 antennas on 2 towers to cover all bands from 160 to 2 meters.

The main tower, behind Arnie in the cover photo, is an 87-foot Rohn 45 that he has mounted; working down, a 2-element, 40-meter Cushcraft at 100 feet; a 5-element, 20-meter Yagi on a 52-foot boom at 88 feet (he built it from two three-element Telrex beams); a 1/4-wave sloper for 160 at 80 feet; two side-mounted Yagis on dual swinging gates at 64 feet (HyGain 105CA 5-element, 10-meter beam); and 58 feet (HyGain 155CA 5-element, 15-meter beam).
Arne’s second tower, behind a tree in the photo, is a Rohn 25 rising 32 feet. On that tower are a HyGain HyTower vertical used mostly on 80 meters and as a backup on 40, 30, and 20; an old KLM 14-element, 2-meter Yagi at 40 feet; a homebrew 5-element, 6-meter beam at 35 feet; and a 3-element Cushcraft for 12-17 meters at 32 feet.

All of those antennas connect to his Elecraft K3 and/or Kenwood TS-590 transceivers, along with Arnes choice of 3 amplifiers, an Alpha 77SX, a Ten-Tec Titan 425, and an ACOM-1000, which he uses mostly on 6 meters and the “WARC bands.”

Licensed since 1958, Arne's been a DXer mostly on CW — “ever since I worked my first JA and VK stations on the 40-meter Novice band. ” He’s gone on to earn DXCC on CW, SSB, and RTTY, holds 9-Band DXCC (plus 65 countries confirmed on 6 meters), and is currently Chairman of the ARRL DX Advisory Committee, on which hes served for the past 10 years. A retired quality assurance engineer for a defense contractor, Arne lives in Corrales, New Mexico, at an altitude of 5,150 feet above sea level, with a view of the Sandia Mountains through his back window.

(Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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