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Changes to CQ Staff and Columns

One unfortunate result of closing CQ Plus (see announcement in January/February issue) has been the departure of its Editor, Richard Fisher, KI6SN, from our staff. In addition to editing CQ Plus, Richard wrote several of its columns, most notably “Trail Friendly Radio,” and was CQ’s Emergency Communications Editor as well. A veteran journalist, Richard provided valuable input to our entire editorial product. We will miss him.

Floyd Gerald, N5FG, retired as Worked All Zones (WAZ) Award Manager at the end of 2014 after 11 years at the helm of one of amateur radio’s oldest and most respected award programs. We thank Floyd for his service and his dedication to the integrity of the WAZ program.

Filling Floyd’s shoes as the new WAZ Manager is John Bergman, KC5LK, who may be reached by e-mail at <kc5lk@cq-amateur-radio.com> or via postal mail at P.O. Box 792, Brandon, MS 39043. In addition to administering the WAZ program, John is responsible for recruiting and supporting our team of volunteer card checkers scattered across the globe.

Column Changes

As part of our effort to integrate content from CQ Plus into CQ, we are making several changes to our column lineup, effective with this issue. Among the columns, Gerry Dexter’s “Listening Post” for shortwave listeners will appear monthly; in addition, the following columns are being added to our lineup, running either three or four times per year: “Communications Horizons,” by Rob de Santos, K8RKD; “Homing In,” by Joe Moell, KØOV; “Off the Air,” by Cory GB Sickles, WA3UVV, who also becomes our Emergency Communications Editor as of this issue; and “RF Bits,” by Dan Srebnick, K2DLS.

All regular CQ print-edition columns remain unchanged, except that the “Makers” column is being discontinued, as several of our other columns already focus on building and related activities. CQ has been a “maker’s” magazine since its founding 70 years ago, long before the term “maker” existed in its current meaning. We hope that readers of both our print and digital editions enjoy the insights and perspectives of these excellent authors. – W2VU

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