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CQ April 2015 Cover    CQ April 2015 Table of Contents
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CQ April 2015

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The April issue of CQ features the SSB results of the 2014 CQ World Wide DX Contest, in which more than 5 million contacts were made by over 8000 stations submitting logs. Ten meters was the star of the 2014 contest, packed at times with as much as a full megahertz of signals! Category winners include: 8P5A, ZF2DX, VE3VN, LX7I, 9A2EU, CN2AA, IO9Y, CN3A, and HK1NA.

Another form of ham radio competition is Amateur Radio Direction Finding, also known as foxhunting; and April's CQ features the rules for this year's CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend as well as several stories of foxhunting fun for all ages.

We've also got a look at one-way propagation and a CQ Review of the RFinder app for smartphones. And, if it's April, it must be time for our annual visit from Professor Heisseluft … this year, he's turned up evidence of a secret plan to make our license exams show that we actually know something!

Among our columns, we help you prepare for "sheltering in place," introduce software-defined antennas and offer a practical guide for HF operators to making contacts using that "50" position on your transceiver's bandswitch.

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Articles from the April 2015 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias - "How Cool is That?" – Step 2

April 2015 Contests Calendar

April/May 2015 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover: Jacek Marczewski, SP5EAQ (pictured), and his friend Marcin Adamowicz, SP5ES, spent much of last October - including the CQWW DX Contest SSB weekend - on Nukunonu Atoll, Tokelau, operating as ZK3Q and ZK3E, respectively. This is Jacek's fifth South Pacific DXpedition. For more on the ZK3 DXpedition, visit <https://zk3.sp5drh.com/>. (Cover photo by Marcin Adamowicz, SP5ES).

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