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So close, yet so far … Navassa Island in the Caribbean is geographically a stone’s throw from the United States — and a U.S. territory — but as a closed wildlife refuge, it has been impossible to get permission to land and operate from there for more than two decades. This year’s K1N DXpedition took years to arrange, cost several hundred thousand dollars to stage and resulted in 140,000 QSOs, knocking the island well off its long-time standing as #1 or #2 most-needed DX entity. The main cover photo shows Navassa’s lighthouse and adjacent acetylene gas storage building, as well as the helicopter used to transport operators, equipment, and supplies to the island. The inset photo shows team co-leader Glenn Johnson, WØGJ, operating at night from the base of the lighthouse. Glenn’s accompanying article tells “the story behind the story” of the DXpedition. (Main cover photo by WØGJ; inset photo by George Nicholson, N4GRN)

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