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CQ 70

It's CQ’s 70th anniversary, and to help mark the event, we’re organizing a special event to recognize the “movers and shakers” in amateur radio today.

Announcing: The CQ 70

Who are the most influential people in amateur radio today? We'd like to recognize them and we need your help. After all, there are so many different aspects of amateur radio that it's hard to keep track of who's who unless you are actively involved in each particular segment of our hobby.

So we have come up with seven broad categories of amateur radio-related activity (each covering more than one specific area of activity) and we'd like your input on who the leaders are in each of those categories, from which we will create a list of 70 ham radio “movers and shakers.”

    Here’s the list of categories:

  • Amateur Radio Overall
  • Operating Events & Activities
  • Technology
  • Policy & Regulatory
  • Recruitment, Education & Youth
  • Ham Industry
  • Ham Media

Some activities straddle more than one category, so we leave it up to you to choose in those cases. Please register your choices of up to five (5) people in each category at <https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CQ70> by August 1, 2015. If you don’t have Internet access, you may mail us a written list of your nominees.

We will use the nominations received in developing our final list of nominees, and will publish the “CQ 70” in the December 2015 issue of CQ.

Thank you for your participation.

– The Editors

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