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CQ June 2015 Cover    CQ June 2015 Table of Contents
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CQ June 2015

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The June issue of CQ is our fifth annual Take it to the Field Special, packed full of articles and columns on operating away from your home station, including:

  • Deep Space DXing
  • An (Arduino-based) IP Address Backup for Remote Operating (see file links below)
  • A Day at the Beach … With Ham Radio
  • The SWRFer - a "Does-it-All" Accessory Box for QRP Field Use (see file links below)
  • Planning and Staging a Special Event Station
  • A Simple QRP CW Transmitter (Math's Notes)
  • One Ham's Field Op is Another's Home Station (QRP)
  • The Making of the KX-3 and a New Low-Pass Filter Kit (Kit-Building)
  • Temporary Radials for Field Day Antennas (Antennas)
  • Contest Operating Outdoors (Contesting)

Plus… we've got results of the 2014 CQ DX Marathon, a primer on using a frequency counter (Learning Curve), an in-depth look at FCC actions on medium- and low-frequency ham bands, and a look at "Spectrum, Auctions and the Great TV Repack" in our Communications Horizons column.

Also, DX Editor N2OO offers a guide to successful QSLing. Plus, we look at ham radio and space science (VHF Plus) and the connections between space weather and Earth weather (Propagation).

Finally, we're continuing to celebrate CQ's 70th anniversary by seeking your nominations for "The CQ 70," a compilation of the most influential people in our hobby today. Details are in the June issue and here on our website (see links below).

Several of this month's articles include files that are posted here on our website or additional information found elsewhere. Here are the links that you'll need:

Talens & Sufitchi - An IP Address Backup for Remote Operation:

Arduino "sketch" for sending your IP address to hosting PHP website:

- https://cq-amateur-radio.com/files/sketch.ino

PHP software to be uploaded to PHP website:

- https://cq-amateur-radio.com/files/arduino.zip

The CQ70

Article: Link to article from issue

Nomination Page: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CQ70

Kauffman - The SWRFer (NOTE: These URLs were accidentally omitted from the article itself)

Full schematic of the SWRFer circuit:

Parts list for the SWRFer project:

Moseson - How Low Can You Go?

Full text of FCC Report and Order / Notice of Proposed Rulemaking:

- https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-15-50A1.pdf

CQ Reader Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CQJun15

That's a brief look at what's coming up in the June issue of CQ magazine. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition - click here!

Articles from the June 2015 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias - "Going Far Afield…"

June 2015 Contests Calendar

June 2015 Hamfests and Special Events

On the Cover: Steve Lawrence, K9ARH, and San Yoder, K3SY, of the Tamiami Amateur Radio Club, operate Special Event station K4S from the Venice, Florida, Shark's Tooth Festival.

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