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CQ On The Cover July 2015

Rob Biamonte, W3OMW (ex-WB2OMW)“No tool has ever fallen and caused a spectacular fire,” says Rob Biamonte, W3OMW (ex-WB2OMW), of his combination workbench/ham shack in Levittown, New York. Rob says the table started out as a workbench for household projects and, when he started building electronic projects as well, they just kind of stayed there when they were finished. Having the tools nearby “came in very handy when I discovered Elecraft,” Rob continued. “I built virtually the entire K3 line that you see in the photo right there.”

Rob’s other passion is model railroading, and he says his dad introduced him to both hobbies back in the late 1960s. On the radio side, his dad got him a CB rig, which he says “was fun for a while,” but then he and his dad both decided to get their ham licenses. “We took the test on the same day and got sequential calls,” says Rob. His father, Mario, was WB2OMV, while he became WB2OMW. Mario is now a Silent Key, but Rob says his daughter, Christina, got her ham license after her grandfather died and now holds his old callsign.

Rob’s favorite radio activities include rag-chewing on HF single-sideband, especially with stations overseas. He doesn’t consider himself a DXer, but notes that “an unexpected DX contact always gets the heart racing.” Rob adds that he’s “thinking about learning Morse code all over again, just for the fun of it.”

Rob recently moved from Levittown to Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and is still in the process of unpacking. He says his new home has a bigger basement that will accommodate separate workshop and operating benches, along with a 15-x 30-foot model railroad table that will allow him to expand his layout. He notes that his locomotives are now wirelessly controlled via WiFi, allowing multiple trains to run independently on the same layout at the same time. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)


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