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CQ On The Cover August 2015

QRP Editor Dennis Lazar, W4DNN

Newly-appointed Interim QRP Editor Dennis Lazar, W4DNN, practices what he preaches along the shore of Charlotte Harbor, Florida, the second-largest inland bay on the Gulf of Mexico (Tampa Bay is the largest). He’s using a Flex 1500 transceiver to a loop antenna made from 7 feet of 1/4-inch copper tubing and mounted to an MFJ loop tuner.

As you can find out by reading Dennis’s first column on page 76 of this issue, he has been operating low power ham radio for 50 years, and has tracked the progression of QRP technology from tube rigs and vibrator power supplies to today’s software-defined radios, such as the Flex 1500.

Dennis divided his professional career between journalism — editing a trade magazine, publishing a community newspaper, and contributing regularly to CQ — and a naturopathic pain management practice. Ham radio, and especially QRP, were always “woven into the fabric of his daily life,” as Dennis puts it. Now retired from his pain management practice, he and his wife, Ruth, K4KLQ, enjoy traveling the country in an RV, getting on the air from SOTA mountain peaks, forests, and beaches. When not on the road, Dennis and Ruth live in Port Charlotte, Florida. (Cover photo by Ruth Lazar, K4KLQ)

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