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CQ On The Cover September 2015

Alden Oyer, AG5S, of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The latest "Star Wars" movie is due out later this year, but our cover ham this month — Alden Oyer, AG5S, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, worked on the real thing … not the movie, but the 1980s missile defense program. That was one of a variety of projects, including nuclear non-proliferation, on which Alden worked during a career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he made good use of his degrees in electrical engineering and nuclear physics. He retired in 2010 and now considers himself a full-time "professional amateur radio operator."

In our cover photo, Alden is checking on his yet-to-be-reassembled KLM KT-34XA tri-band beam, which he took apart before moving down the street a few years ago. He says he's in no rush to reassemble it because he's doing just fine so far working DX with a variety of vertical antennas. Alden's an Elecraft fan — his main station is a K3 with matching amplifier, antenna tuner, and P3 panadapter. When he travels, he takes along a KX-3 with similar accessories. His home station is completely integrated with the Internet, and he uses the DXLab suite of software to control his station, log his contacts and more. Alden says he enjoys DXing, contesting and public service work. He operates mostly digital modes, with some SSB and CW thrown in for variety and particularly enjoys working special event stations. Last year, he was one of the operators for W1AW/5 during the ARRL's centennial celebration. Alden is also active in several local clubs and is on the committee for the annual Duke City Hamfest. (Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI)

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