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CQ February 2017 Cover    CQ February 2017 Table of Contents
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CQ February 2017

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February is our annual QRP special and, as usual, we've got an issue full of great stuff for the low-power operator (or anyone considering low-power operating). Also as usual, we've got a few twists that you might not expect … such as an article on operating QRP on our (hopefully) soon-to-come 630-meter band or a former QRP editor explaining how he plans to stick to QRP basics but still have enjoyable QSOs during the upcoming solar minimum.

We've also got two features on operating QRP portable, a look at some of the very inexpensive QRP rigs from China, along with a project article for some mods to improve one particular model from "good for the money" to a really functional addition to your station. Plus, we've got the results of the 2016 CQ World Wide Foxhunting Weekend – a truly QRP activity in which the "fox" transmits with very low power and the hunters use none at all!

There's also plenty of great stuff in this issue even if you're not a low-power enthusiast, starting with a primer on wire antennas that we'd recommend to beginners and old-timers alike, and in the same vein, a project article on building a double-extended Zepp antenna for 20 meters. On the topic of antennas, we also take a look at the pluses and minuses of online antenna calculators and the best feedlines to use for the VHF/UHF part of your station.

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Articles from the February 2017 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – "Ten Years After the End of Code Testing "

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On the Cover: Low-power ham radio is a great way to take your hobby with you on a variety of outdoor activities.

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