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CQ June 2017 Cover    CQ June 2017 Table of Contents
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CQ June 2017

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Welcome to our annual "Take it to the Field" special, in which we highlight interesting and innovative ways that hams are getting on the air from the great outdoors, and offer tips and techniques for adding to the success of your own "out of hamshack experiences." This year, we even bring some four-legged friends into the mix, starting with "K9 QRP: Fun With Ruff Radio," in which AC7ZL describes how he's outfitted his best friend, Rudy, to safely help him take his low-power (QRP) ham gear on their hikes together. Next, K5KG explains how his contesting trip to St. Croix ("Adventures in KP2 Paradise") involved rescuing two iguanas stuck in a fence! Finally in our animal stories, K5KG looks back nearly a century in "Field Day 1918" to the "portable" wireless stations used by the military in World War I … that needed a team of ten horses to transport!

Back on two legs, we check in with a radio club in Georgia that's celebrating its 40 anniversary by activating 40 different islands for the U.S. Islands Award program (and you're invited to join the on-air celebration); N1CWR describes the RF filters his club has designed and built to keep their different Field Day stations from interfering with each other, and W0RW explains how he used the waterproof case from a scrap military surplus radio to build a field-friendly portable QRP station.

If operating in the field isn't "your thing," have no fear – there's plenty more in this issue of CQ, starting with details of the FCC's Report & Order establishing new ham bands at 630 and 2200 meters (472 and 137 kHz, respectively). We've also got the results of last year's CQ DX Marathon, a look at digital awards around the world, and, in "Learning Curve," some wisdom from a 13-year-old ham who tells columnist Ron Ochu that "cell phones allow you to talk to your friends … ham radio allows you to make friends."

All that and more await you in the June issue of CQ. For information on becoming a CQ subscriber - to either our print or digital edition - click here!

Articles from the June 2017 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

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On the Cover: Terry Joyner, W4YBV (L), and Jim Paine, N4SEC (R), operate from Lazy Island, Florida, part of the North Fulton Amateur Radio League's 40th anniversary effort to activate 40 different islands for the U.S. Islands Award program. Inset: Rudy the German shepherd is outfitted to carry AC7ZL's QRP ham gear on a hike. (Main photo by N4SEC; inset photo by H.P. Friedrichs, AC7ZL)

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