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CQ June 2017 Cover    CQ July 2017 Table of Contents
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CQ July 2017

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The July issue of CQ is a mini-Propagation Special, with five separate articles on different aspects of HF and VHF propagation. On the HF side, we investigate whether the heights of ocean waves affect signals on transoceanic paths and the possible impact of certain types of weather on HF propagation. Moving above 30 MHz, we look at the summertime phenomenon of tropospheric ducting as well as using airplanes in flight as passive reflectors (airplane scatter). We also check in on plans to study possible propagation impacts from the total solar eclipse coming up in August.

The rest of the issue has a little bit of everything, including results of the 2017 CQ WPX RTTY Contest, rules for the CQWW RTTY DX Contest and the impact on hams of changes in federal rules for healthcare facilities and their emergency planning needs. We also look at the FCC's rewrite of the Part 95 rules for personal radio services and examine changes affecting CB, the Family Radio Service (FRS) and the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS).

In addition, we introduce this year's inductees to the CQ Amateur Radio, Contest and DX Halls of Fame, take a look at different methods of testing rechargeable batteries, and discuss a variety of projects, lighthouse awards and the need to involve more women in amateur radio.

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Articles from the July 2017 issue of CQ posted on our website include:

Zero Bias – All the Faces Are Ham Faces

July 2017 Contest Calendar

July 2017 Announcements

2017 Inductees: CQ Amateur Radio, Contest and DX Halls of Fame

On the Cover: Antenna's-eye view of the LY2W contest station in Lithuania.

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