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Government Agencies - United States

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) www.fcc.gov
FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau https://wireless.fcc.gov
FCC Amateur Radio Information Page https://wireless.fcc.gov/services/amateur
FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) https://wireless.fcc.gov/uls
Nat'l Aeronautics and Space Admin (NASA) www.nasa.gov
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) www.rac.ca/ariss
Nat'l Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) www.nist.gov
NIST Time & Frequency Div. (WWV) www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/index.html
WWV Home Page www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/stations/wwv.html
Official NIST Time https://nist.time.gov
Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin (NOAA) www.noaa.gov
Nat'l Weather Service www.nws.noaa.gov
Nat'l Hurricane Center www.nhc.noaa.gov
WX4NHC www.fiu.edu/orgs/w4ehw
NOAA Storm Prediction Center www.spc.noaa.gov
Nat'l Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) www.ntia.doc.gov
RF Spectrum Allocation Chart (PDF) www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/allochrt.pdf
Institute for Telecommunications Services (ITS) www.its.bldrdoc.gov
Electromagnetic spectrum chart www.its.bldrdoc.gov/fs-1037/images/frqcharc.gif
US Census Bureau - Printable County Maps of each state https://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/printmaps.html
US Naval Observatory www.usno.navy.mil
USNO Time Service Dept. https://tycho.usno.navy.mil/
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