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CQ Awards

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. . . a visit to Quartzfest with Contributing Editor Gordon West, WB6NOA - Gordo takes us for a tour through this week-long hamfest in the desert for RVers.

. . . a project article by H. Scott McCann, W3MEO, on building a battery discharge meter to help you know which battery packs are ready for field action and which need to stay home.

. . . expanded results of the 2010 CQ DX Marathon.

. . . a "digging deeper" piece by Youth Editor KB1OGL on the chemical reactions she learned about as well as how those chemical reactions produce electric current flows that can be measured on a special meter.

. . . a power supply for CQ’s April issue, QRP Column’s Two-Tube Transmitter project.

. . . three more Public Service stories -- on ham radio's response to the 1979 Three-Mile Island nuclear accident; an Arizona search-and-rescue mission coordinated by hams and an easy-to-build 2-meter beam for better range and operating in the field.

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