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Dayton Hamvention® 2014 - New Product Debut

Once again, the Dayton Hamvention® provided ham radio manufacturers with a great platform for introducing new, improved or upgraded gear, from transceivers and antennas to telegraph keys and smartphone apps. Even if you were there, you probably didn't get to see it all, so once again, CQ is offering this comprehensive guide to new products introduced at Dayton 2014. This year, since we have absorbed Popular Communications into our CQ Plus digital supplement, our listings also include receivers and scanners.

Our listings are broken down this year into five categories - Transmitters, Transceivers and Amplifiers; Receivers and Scanners; Antennas; Antenna Accessories, and Station Accessories. Listings within each category are alphabetical by manufacturer. Each of our four dozen listings contains a brief description and a link, either to a more detailed description or to the manufacturer's website. Please note that the information presented here is provided by the manufacturers and CQ is not responsible for its accuracy.

Transmitters, Transceivers and Amplifiers

Ameritron ALS-1306 solid-state HF/6m amplifier

FlexRadio Flex-6300 SDR transceiver

ICOM ID-5100A D-STAR transceiver

ICOM RP5000 and RP6000 Analog Repeaters

Palstar TR30A 100-watt all-band transceiver

SSB Electronic DBA-270 VHF/UHF amplifier

SSB Electronic Zeus ZS-1 HF SDR transceiver

Ten-Tec Model 507 "Patriot" open-source CW/SSB QRP transceiver

Receivers and Scanners

MFJ-5007 "SoundGUN" parabolic audio receiver

Whistler-1010 handheld scanner

Whistler-1025 base scanner

Whistler-1040 handheld scanner

Whistler-1065 mobile scanner

Whistler-1080 handheld scanner


Folding Antennas foldable hexagonal beam

ICOM AH-760 and AH-740 HF antennas, AH-5NV NVIS kit

M2 23cm49 23-centimeter antenna

M2 2m-440XP-SS dual-band VHF/UHF antenna

M2 432XP50 70-centimeter antenna

M2 WARC-1 antenna for 30, 17 and 12 meters

MFJ-1963 Superstik telescopic whip antenna

Antenna Accessories

Alpha Amplifiers 4040 "Dream" 4kW automatic antenna tuner

Ameritron SDC-104 automatic screwdriver antenna controller

Davis Rope and Cable super-strong Dacron/polyester rope

HyGain YRC-1 digital controller for Yaesu rotators

MFJ-209C basic antenna analyzer

MFJ-249C economy version of MFJ-259C

MFJ-259C/CM extended range (530 kHz-230 MHz) antenna analyzer (CM includes VLF)

MFJ-269C/CM/Pro antenna analyzers (all features of 259C plus 415-470 MHz)

MFJ-29D carrying case for MFJ-259C

MFJ-39D carrying case for MFJ-269C

MFJ-950-K autotuner board for Elecraft K3

SSB Electronic "EcoFlex" coaxial cables with connectors

Station Accessories

bhi Desktop DSP noise-canceling base station speaker

Heil Sound BM-10 lightweight boomset

Heil Sound HBA wireless adapter

Heil Sound HMM-D/HMM-iC hand mics

Heil Sound mics available in new finishes

Heil Sound Pro K-1000 headset mic

ICOM "Morse-It" iPhone code app

MFJ-1174 220-Volt AC remote switch

MFJ-122RC atomic alarm clock

MFJ-897 "Grab 'n Go" emergency communications case for Yaesu FT-897

QRP Works "Key-Log-Go" keyer/logger for portable operating

RigExpert TI-7 USB transceiver interface

RigExpert WTI-1 wireless transceiver interface

Vibroplex "ZN Ultimate" iambic paddle

West Mountain Radio RIGBlaster Blue Bluetooth interface

Please note: This listings is a compilation of promotional material forwarded to us by the product's manufacturer. CQ Communications, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the information listed here, or on/from external links/sites listed therein.

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