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Dayton Hamvention® 2015 - New Product Debut

Once again, the Dayton Hamvention® provided ham radio manufacturers with a great platform for introducing new, improved or upgraded gear. Even if you were there, you probably didn't get to see it all, so once again, CQ is offering this sampling of new products introduced at Dayton 2015.

Our listings are broken down this year into four categories - Transmitters, Transceivers and Amplifiers; Antennas and Antenna Accessories; Station Accessories, and Miscellaneous. Listings within each category are alphabetical by manufacturer. Each of our listings contains a brief description and a link, either to a more detailed description or to the manufacturer's website. Please note that the information presented here is provided by the manufacturers and CQ is not responsible for its accuracy.

Transmitters, Transceivers and Amplifiers


DR-735T - VHF/UHF FM Xcvr; multicolor LCD display  


ALS-1306 - 1200 W Solid State amp for HF+6m  

Communication Amplifiers

CA1500HF+6 - Solid-state 1500-watt amplifier for 160-6 meters



IC-7600 Firmware Upgrade - adds spectrum waterfall display and other enhancements



SPE Expert Linear

1.3K-FA - 1300-watt solid state amplifier for 1.8-50 MHz

Antennas and Antenna Accessories

Alpha Antenna

S9v31+2 - Lightweight multiband vertical antenna (80-6)

S9v43 - Lightweight multiband vertical antenna (80-6)


SDC-104 - Automatic screwdriver antenna controller; separate models for Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu:

Elecraft: www.ameritron.com/Product.php?productid=SDC-104E

Icom: www.ameritron.com/Product.php?productid=SDC-104I

Kenwood: www.ameritron.com/Product.php?productid=SDC-104K

Yaesu: www.ameritron.com/Product.php?productid=SDC-104Y


R9 - Multiband vertical antenna; adds 80 meters to R8

Diamond Antenna

SMAJ-SMAJ- SMA female-to-female adapter


DCU-3 - Programmable rotator controller (for HAM-x or Tailtwister rotators

YRC-1 - Replacement controller for Yaesu rotators

YRC-3 - Same as YRC-1 plus 6 progammable memories


MastrAnt-M - Synthetic guy rope


MFJ-226 - VNA Antenna analyzer

MFJ-939 - Auto tuner

MFJ-5005 - Doppler Direction-Finding antenna system

MFJ-9232- QRPocket loop antenna for field use - covers 10-40 meters

Top Beam

WF40 - "Waller Flag" low-band loop receive antenna (12'x6 on 6' boom)

WF100 - "Waller Flag" low-band loop receive antenna (18'x8 on 8' boom)

Station Accessories

Batteries America

BP272 Li - Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

EMS-272 - Desktop rapid charger for BP 272


Compact inline battery operated noise-canceling module

Sold in the US by GAP Antenna


Maestro - Plug & Play console for remotely operating Flex-6000 series

Ham Source

EZ Power Strip 4 - 12 VDC distribution box w/ 4 outputs and voltmeter

Heil Sound

HTH - Headset mic

LB-1R - Red base w/ PTT switch and LED illumination

PR-10 Mic package - includes PR-10 mic, desk stand and boom

Pro7 - Aviation-style headset


MFJ-154 - "Atomic" clock with wireless weather station

MFJ-156C - "Atomic" clock with wireless weather station

MFJ-148RC - Radio-controlled 24/12 hour dual clock w/10-minute ID timer


PowerPole crimping tool



Dishtronix has purchased Australian-based Emtron amplifiers; will build and sell DX2sp and DX3sp amps in US

DX Engineering

DX Engineering is now a distributor for Acom Amplifiers

W5YI Group

New Gordon West General Class license manual for 2015-2019 question pool


Art Bell, W6OBB, returns to shortwave on WTWW, starting July 20

The information and listings above were provided by the respective manufacturers. CQ is not responsible for the accuracy of the information herein or for the omission of new products for which information was not provided to us

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